John Rounsaville on the Air

John Rounsaville is up in CD-03, I think it was a smart move to have his father deliver the message, John looks too young to really carry the message effectively is my guess.  Pretty good spot overall though, looks a little like what John Windsor tried to do back in the 07 primary which was stay off screen if you look 16.

ROM Overall Grade = B 

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2 Comments on “John Rounsaville on the Air”

  1. Pat Ramsey Says:

    John just lost my vote because the negative ad he has about David Landrum. We no longer want negative campaigning and Landrum hasn’t said anything bad about Rounsaville. If he can’t stand on his own then he doesn’t need to run.

  2. Jeremiah Says:

    Well I must say, any 16yr old face with THAT much experience, poise, and ability to get the job DONE…..certainly has MY vote! I respect your opinion of why John might have chosen to put his dad in the ad, but I took it an entirely different way. I looked at it as….that is EXACTLY what Mississippi needs in Washington….someone deep rooted in their family and has the ability to connect with generations before, and generations to come. It certainly brought me a breathe of fresh air to see a candidate with John’s experience not scared….and actually proud…..of showing the voting public about where he comes from. That EXCITES me!! Not as much as his experience though….when I punch my ticket…..that’s why John has my vote!

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