Travis Childers Mustache is plastered all over TV Screens in NE Mississippi

Travis Childers is up in MS-01 ROM overall Grade = D+ (His Mustache is KILLING ME) His mom sure has some big hair!

The ad is not very creative and pretty poorly produced very unflattering to both him and Mrs. Childers.

Greg Davis is also up in MS-01 ROM overall Grade = B+ good looking ad but you really have to jump off the screen to get an A from ROM

We still think Davis has the demographic edge in this race but are anxiously waiting media from Glenn McCullough.

If the race was a beauty contest then Macy Davis would be running away with it. Not too hard though when the Democrat is actually paying to have the above spot on the air.

We wouldn’t


Glenn McCullough has an ad up called “Hoops”

Not sure about this one at all, kind of bland but not bad in any way. ROM overall Grade = C+ 


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7 Comments on “Travis Childers Mustache is plastered all over TV Screens in NE Mississippi”

  1. Hernado Mike Says:

    Davis should win this puppy on the first go around. Far and away the best candidate and with proven record of success. McCullough has way to much personal baggage to be considered. TVA couldnt afford him. How are we supposed to?

  2. Me Says:

    It seems that Travis Childers and his bad mustache, bad ad, and mother with big hair done some heavy damage vote wise to the other candidates.

    Pllllease don’t base your opinion as to ones ability to do a wonderful job on someone’s appearance…it makes the rest of us Mississippians look bad. And you definitly have made yourself look bad by your childlike remarks concerning Travis Childers, his mother, and also the ad.

    I give Childers an A+. Why? Because he has got what it takes and has one big heart, very intelligent, a drive to do what is right concerning Mississippi and will work FOR and WITH the people of Mississippi. I don’t base my decisions on one’s appearances, only their track record and he has an awesome one if you care to research further?

  3. rightofmississippi Says:

    Oh get over yourself, I was pretty nice to childers, his mustache is pretty bad

  4. BarneyFife Says:

    That is not a mustache ,That is a *PRENTISS COUNTY BUTT BROOM * Its used to clean your nose when you keep it up EX convict lawyers arses for to long

  5. meinprentiss Says:

    Barney you are so far behind, and you know why he wears a mustache.

  6. jim larkin Says:

    maybe missip is creeping into the 21st century…and just maybe in november we folks will forget to shoot ourselves in the feet as we enter the voter booth… down south we have seen what the gop has done in it’s munificence to make the world forget katrina ever happened….pax vobiscum in toto

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