Another Glenn McCullough Ad and some early analysis…

Better than the “Hoops” ad but I don’t understand the tactic, are you trying to build yourself up or go negative against Washington D.C.?

Here at ROM we are always 100% opposed to cheesy animation in political ad’s see our critique of Charlie Ross’ Fighter Ad from last year.

ROM Overall Grade: B

I have been looking for insight into how this race is going to shake down but nobody seems to know, looks like the numbers still favor Davis but there are a lot of heavy hitters that have yet to weigh in on the race, a quick look through all of my old notes from last year only show one note on McCullough and that he showed up to speak on behalf of Jeffrey Rupp at a number of forums during Rupp’s short run for SOS in which he garnered only 8% of the vote.  Interestingly enough Greg Davis was one of Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann’s early supporters (we wrote a post about it here) anyone who knows anything about Mississippi Politics knows there are factions and cliques in the MSGOP it is pretty obvious that these two guys come from opposite sides but if the sides they chose on the SOS primary are any indication then one could assume that Davis’ group is much stronger.

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2 Comments on “Another Glenn McCullough Ad and some early analysis…”

  1. Kevin D Says:

    My surprise about this race is litterally no one is talking about McCullough’s corruption and borderline illegal activities while he was at TVA. Does no one remember the Nancy Amons 4-day story she did for the NBC affiliate out of Nashville? McCullough spent $300,000 “entertaining” big shots at the Bristol speedway and used TVA police to drive him around in Tupelpo. All the while increasing our rates and layig people off. Also, how come no one wants to talk about the fact that Trent Lott in effect fired McCullough from TVA. And the best of all: the person that encouraged Bill Clinton to appoint McCullough to the TVA to begin with? Ken Lay. TVA wouldnt do business with Enron until Ken Lay got Clinton to put McCullough on the board. Ken Lay and Glenn McCullough and Bill CLinton.

  2. Whenever I hear the word “HOLLYWOOD” I groan inside, That has got to be the lamest most tired excuse ever

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