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What People are saying about Travis Childers Right now… Ouch!

April 30, 2008

Childers’s eagerness to shrug off his party’s frontrunner is a sign that some Democrats scare easily. -Marc Ambinder Atlantic Monthly

No question that Childers’ acceptance of the Obama endorsement and calling help is his achilles heel.  He is desperate to get away from it. -Alan Lange, Editor Y’all Politics

What do you think?  The title of the Republican attack ad is “Conservatives Can’t Trust Travis Childers?”  But can we? -DailyKos (Liberal Blog)

Apparently, Childers is running away from any endorsement from Sen. Obama. (liberal blog)

 GOP ads linking Childers to two recent winners of the not-very-coveted National Journal “most liberal senator” award, John F. Kerry and Barack Obama. Childers is now trying to distance himself from the national Democratic party and Barack Obama in particular, but it’s questionable how effective that tactic will be over the course of the campaign. Childers also has to contend with the real likelihood that he will win the special election amid low turnout, only to be turfed out in six months when the presidential contest will bring out more of those GOP-leaning voters and Davis will have a big stack of roll-call votes showing Childers having an 80%+ agreement in his voting record with Nancy Pelosi -Signifying Nothing

(Childers made) a hasty, hasty, hasty retreat from the intolerably cruel question about whether he wants Obama to endorse him – RedState

Davis is pressing Childers about the apparent endorsement from the Obama campaign e-mailed to Obama supporters in the 1st District… Childers insists he didn’t ask for Obama’s support and he deflected a question of whether he would accept his endorsement -Daily Journal

Well it looks like Mr. Travis is having a little bit of a tough time, he is deflecting legitimate questions, denying obvious help and endorsement from Obama and not making his liberal base or possible crossover conservatives happy.

We think this might have been Travis Childers proverbial “Macaca moment” looks like his campaign is erupting into a big ball of fire right now and his response ad is so weak that it is almost laughable.

Nowhere to go, no way to make anyone happy, campaign imploding.  This looks very bad for Tounge Twistin Travis.

This was slapped together quickly i will come back and put all the hotlinks in later.


Oh my, if this is the response I think we are seeing a death rattle, now Childers will be seen as the negative campaigner since he is on camera talking trash.  This is basically an admission of guilt which builds on the GOP case, as well as turns off Democrats or Obama supporters.  This furthers the doubts that people have about Travis and will hurt him even more.

Terrible campaign move.




CottonMouth Goes off the Deep End For Tongue Twistin Travis

April 30, 2008

I really like the guys at CottonMouth, and we try hard not to discredit other Mississippi Bloggers here at ROM but they seem to have made quite an oversight and gotten off message with each other.  

One CottonMouth blogger appears to be covering for Childers and attempting to discredit the Barack Obama endorsement of Travis Childers when an earlier post from another blogger calls the letter an endorsement.

Screenshots from CottonMouth Blog

On the 22nd the Obama Letter was an “Endorsement”











But on April 29th there was “Never Really” an Endorsement











Over here at ROM we make mistakes all the time, we own up to them and move on.

*This post has been edited from it’s original version when it was brought to our attention that different bloggers made the conflicting posts*

Still, we maintain that Travis is lying about the fact that he and his campaign team had not seen or heard of the endorsement, that is just silly to think that it just happened, we think it was a calculated risk that the Childers campaign made in an attempt to get to 50% that almost worked. 


Travis Childers and Obama Radio Ad

April 30, 2008

Download Greg Davis – Travis Childers

-This is awesome!  thanks to my connections at the radio station for this one!

Obama Website Claims Travis Childers Campaign Has Ended, Childers to Carry “Obamatross” Around His Neck

April 29, 2008

-Well not exactly, but sort of the picture is hilarious.

A new screen capture from Barack Obama’s website may just tell the whole story on the MS-01 race for congress. On the page where Obama once urged his supporters to get out and help Childers so he could come to Washington and be part of the Obama Movement the page now features a disclaimer that inadvertently may tell the story of Travis Childers shot at the first district seat. Childers came close but it looks like his campaign accepted the Obama endorsement on the day of the Special election as a calculated risk in trying to reach 50%. They of course failed and will have to spend the next few weeks with the “Obama Albatross” or “Obamatross” ( copyright ROM 4/29/2008 ) around his neck.

Screen Image from Obama’s website “This Campaign has Ended”


Travis Childers Caught In a Bold Faced Lie Over Obama Endorsement

April 29, 2008

Channel 3 WREG Busts Travis Childers for Lying about the Obama Endorsement

You watch the video, you look at the evidence, you look at Childers body language. Travis Childers is a Liar. The Obama Endorsement letter has been posted on just about every well read political blog in Mississippi and we have a screen capture here.

Does anyone really think that the campaign manager has not been on the internet in a week, nor did they bother to check to see if there were any facts associated with an attack ad that is running against them.

Notice Childers does not reject the endorsement.

Notice how he fidgets when he has to answer questions about it.

This is a really dumb move, the Davis campaign won this one boys, take your lumps and try to change the subject, we know when someone is lying and yall are full of it. Anyone think we can trust Travis Childers or his campaign manager anymore?

Endorsement: 2 a: to approve openly <endorse an idea>; especially : to express support or approval of publicly and definitely <endorse a candidate>

I would say an open letter and public campaigning qualifies.

Pathetic that the man who wants to represent honest hard working Mississippian’s can smile and lie right to their faces.


Greg Davis Endorsed By The Daily Star

April 28, 2008

Get out and vote for Davis


Okay Republicans, you are behind 49 to 46, it’s the fourth quarter, and you’ve got the ball.

State Rep. Tommy Reynolds, House Speaker Billy McCoy, and their cronies managed to draw Mississippi’s congressional district lines so as to guarantee the election of District Two Democrat Bennie Thompson, ensure the election District Four Democrat Gene Taylor, and elect an additional Democrat to District One — if Republicans cooperate.

On April 22, the Republicans almost forfeited the District One Congressional seat vacated by Roger Wicker. They did it the easy way. They stayed home.

Fortunately for the state and for the country, these no-show voters will have another chance on May 13 to save the day.

We do not need another Democrat in Congress. We don’t need another vote in Washington in the pockets of Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, and Teddy Kennedy. A candidate can claim that he is a “Blue Dog Democrat” all he wants, but a Democrat in sheep’s clothing is still a Democrat. When push comes to shove he will have to tow the party line – the Democratic Party line. The Democratic Party line of more taxes, more failed giveaway programs, and more burdens for those of us who work.

On May 13 vote for Greg Davis. Davis is a three-term mayor of Southaven and a proven leader.

Davis has skillfully led his city, one of the state’s finest, through a period of tremendous community growth and successful economic development.

Davis’ conservative fiscal management allowed Southaven to be the first city in the state ever to grant a tax rebate to its citizens. This is the philosophy we need in Washington.

The Democrat led in the primary 49 to 46 percent, but even McCoy and Reynolds could not gerrymander enough Democrats to win in District One — IF — the Republicans go to the polls.

Vote for Greg Davis Tuesday, May 13.

WOW, we are glad that someone finally said it.  At least there is one news outlet that hasn’t been bought and paid for by Travis Childers, after this race I am going to have a hard time ever taking the Daily Journal seriously. -ROM

Travis Childers and Every Liberal You Ever Heard of, Guilt by Association Volume #10

April 28, 2008

I love this ad, gets the point across but is kind of funny.

This is a much more effective negative ad by the NRCC in our opinion.


Deja Vu All Over Again, Davis vs. Childers round #4

April 23, 2008

Here at ROM world HQ we predicted a runoff but we expected Holland and McCullough to Pull more votes.  Good turnout in DeSoto was important to Davis and his win in Columbus is huge.  May help stop this ridiculous East vs. West bickering.  Both Davis and Childers pulled huge margins from their home counties and split some that could have gone either way, will have to work up a map.

Davis wins in the head to head on the strength of the Obama endorsement and the increased attention that both parties will now bring to this race..

We think it was a tactical mistake to have Obama come weigh in here.


ROM #1 Most influential blog in MS Says BlogNetNews?

April 23, 2008

Although we were apparently bumped this week to #2 (by yallpolitics) we had been #1, we are happy with #2 and we had no idea that we were that awesome!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You NetRoots!!


BlogNetNews (see the rankings here)

Travis Childers and Barack Obama Guilt by Association Volume #9

April 22, 2008

Barack Obama is working to get his new best buddy Travis Childers elected to Congress.  I highly doubt the people of North Mississippi want to elect an Obama supporter today but we shall see.

This most likely hurts Childers a lot more than it helps him.