Question: Does Travis Childers Have a Chance?

Answer: No

Someone over at DailyKos and our friends at Cottonmouth are really trying to sell a bill of goods that says Travis Childers has a chance in NE MS. They forget one important fact; Haley Barbour is the Governor of Mississippi, he made the Senate appointment and I hardly doubt that our good Governor would stand by and not put the full efforts of the MS GOP towards retaining this seat.

Plus everyone already knows that Travis Childers is a shady fellow, just look at who he hangs out with, using his office to make sweet-heart land deals. This is a very well known fact in Prentiss County.

In a year that might be good for Democrats nationwide, they better look somewhere else than here in Mississippi. We think Greg Davis has a pretty good shot at taking the election on the first ballot April 22nd.


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44 Comments on “Question: Does Travis Childers Have a Chance?”

  1. chilliplow Says:

    this is BS. Travis got 91% of prentis county. That’s a ton. Tim wilemon even said”I could not get 91% of my family to vote for me if i ran for office.

    Travis has all support of the dems.

    Get ready for a shock if you don’t believe me.

    The dems are taking cd-1.

    Greg davis is a closet democrat anyway.


  2. rightofmississippi Says:

    No, I don’t believe you, not at all. 91% is impressive but it is a DEM primary not a general election.

    91% of my family wont even read my blog so I’m with you.

    I still think you are sniffing glue if you think Childers has a real chance though.

    It’s one thing for all of the Democrats to be excited about his candidacy and work hard. It’s quite another to try and fool yourself into thinking that he can actually win. I think yall would would be better served to keep expectations low and hope for a moral victory of 40%.

  3. Tim Says:

    Davis wins this race and the general election going away. Love all you lib’s who want to say Davis is a “closet dem”. SOmeone explain to me how a “closet dem” can earn 72% and 81% of the vote in DeSoto County by being anything other than a hard core conservative? yep, cant and wont happen. Davis wins easy

  4. knowsforsure Says:

    Travis Childers is the least shady politician you will ever meet. If you call knowing the value of real estate, buying and selling it for a profit-then I guess all free enterprise is shady. I don’t know if he will win, polls show neck and neck, I do know this area is tired of a do nothing Republican holding the 1st district. Wicker did nothing for us. He and Haley the Barbarian want to take credit for Toyota, and maybe some credit is due, but the thing that brought them to Blue Springs was the EPA requirements for Crittenden Co Arkansas since Memphis pollutes so much.

  5. rightofmississippi Says:

    That is pretty far from what we have heard. Knowing the value of real-estate buying and selling is a lot different from knowing the value and using your position as a county official to acquire the property before it is publicly available at deep discounts then profit greatly from it later.

    This is another RUMOR to be clear, we are still trying to PROVE this. We appreciate your comment and concern though.

  6. bluedevil Says:

    Well, Travis doesn’t have a chance huh? Maybe not. All I know is that some of state republican elected officials from Tupelo are supporting him Rather than Davis. Travis making shady deals and hanging out with shady characters and sweetheart land deals? Obviously if the mud slinging Davis had any concrete infotmation he would have aired it by now.—or could that be because some Democrats were at the municipal officials convention and observed Davis’ behavior there??????? Travis has tried to keep it about the issues but if Davis goes negative, he’ll drop the p bomb!

  7. bluedevil Says:

    OK, RNC has gone negative. The P bomb is about to be dropped!!!!!!!

  8. bluedevil Says:

    When Republicans can’t win on issues and philosophy they always go to distortion and lies. It is NOT the Chancery Clerk’s job to monitor taxes. Also, what types of transactions would he have knowledge of to acquire property before the public had knowledge??? NONE. Any thing that goes through his office has to be published in the local newspaper BEFORE the property is disposed of. You’re right, what you have heard is a rumor, Greg Davis behavior , or at least some of it is documented in the DeSoto County Cout records.

  9. bugfuzz Says:

    travis childers is one of the most honest men that i have met. a very caring and concerned leader. i have worked in the nursing home that has received so much publicity and know first hand how efficiently the facility is operated. why would greg davis tell these lies? he is grasping a straws because he can’t find any negative facts regarding travis childers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. bluedevil Says:

    Where are you right of Mississippi????????

  11. bluedevil Says:

    Where are you right of Mississippi?

  12. rightofmississippi Says:

    Right here. Obviously he does have a chance, we have been wrong before but we doubt that the Obama endorsement and the fact that Travis Childers Lied about it is going to help.

  13. bluedevil Says:

    I notice one of my comment is gone? Couln’t stand the truth?

  14. rightofmississippi Says:

    i believe that it was not the truth and we had to edit your comment or be complicit with slander. We very very rarely edit comments. please feel free to re-post with clean language

  15. bluedevil Says:

    OK just ask around some attendees of the event. I have heard that the negatives are going up this weekend on adds. Davis better be careful. Heard the exposure story toooo many places for it to not have some merit. The fact that Davis is deseperate nough to start race baitng shows exactly what is going onra

  16. rightofmississippi Says:

    We have heard the story as well but we also heard that it was a vicious rumor started by someone who ran against him for mayor and that there is no truth in it. Of course that is the kind of rumor that spreads. We also HEARD that Travis Childers basically stole an estate from a mentally handicapped child put him in a home and then sold off the timber for more than he paid for the property. We know that he has a lawsuit against Tish. County for some kind of nasty sweetheart land deal and trust me there are many more RUMORS that get emailed in regularly, we see a difference between things we have HEARD and those we have EVIDENCE of. We may be big Greg Davis fans but try not to slander anyone with unfounded rumors.

  17. bluedevil Says:

    Ok, then disreguard the nursing home adds, the Joey Langston adds, the tax adds, allof this is just distorted bull. Joey andf Travis have been friends since they were 8 years old. Travis’s stance on this is he doesn’t desert friends just because they have done a bad thing-what kind of friends would that be-a fair weather Republican friend I guess. more philosophically and Biblically he loves the sinner and hates the sin. This is also what happens when decent people get involved in politics. I told travis he better be ready for the worst from davis but he said he was going to keep it about issues-so much for that. Davis told him face to face he would do whatever it took to win-apparently, he is a man of his word Tupelo Republicans are desrting Davis like rats jumping off a sinkling ship-when Jack Reed says Davis has gone to far- that amounts to telling tupelo, vote childers!

  18. rightofmississippi Says:

    First of all Jack Reed was on Childers team before the first negative ad was fired, he is full of bull.

    Second Tupelo Republicans did jump ship on Davis last round, word is they are coming back due to multiple trips and pleas from folks they trust, Barbour, Wicker, Thad ect.

    Neither candidate has a good image right now lets face it they have been beating each other black and blue for weeks.

    I cant think of anything much more desperate than attacking a guy over a cheap 27k car that comes with the job of mayor. It is just stupid and I want to know where you can get a “luxury vehicle” for 27k.

    Travis ain’t giving anybody a reason to go vote for him either, my best guess is quite a few folks on both sides stay home.

    I doubt they stay home in DeSoto though since Travis has been busy attacking the people who live up there as “non-Mississippians” and they know it.

    Heard from a reporter friend that Travis got booed off a stage in Olive Branch.

    So which one of these two Jerks you gonna vote for now?

  19. bluedevil Says:

    I’m gonna vote for theone I have known for over 20 years, seen him work in the community, and keep his word to the people of Prentiss county. I love how all the “rumors” about Travis seem to become facts on here and the “rumors” about Davis remain rumors. Bottom line is it will all boil down to turnout. If we get our people out, Davis loses, if we don’t, he wins-simple as that. having to vote this many times for the same office is a Haley Barbour/Lee Atwater masterpiece. Some Republicans who are closer to the people in Tupelo are campaigning for Travis. Haley Barbour is as popular as t— in a punch bowl in the NE counties right now. Everyone at the Toyota site thought they would benefit. PUL took their land at rock bottom prices, people allowed to stay in homes and are in the “safety zone” have so many restrictions they can’t do anything on there own property-PUL won’t buy and they can’t sell it on the free market cause it is worthless-Please keep Haley coming and endorsing Davis-You might want to swing through with Dick while he is here too. I read today that DeSoto county gave Bush a 67% approval rating. that shows how out of touch deSoto is with the rest of the country just because of Willie Herenton.

  20. bluedevil Says:

    I don’t do this often, but if our vote turns out like I think it will results will be
    Childers 56%
    Davis 44%

  21. rightofmississippi Says:

    you know it’s going to be closer than that. I’m honestly not sure who wins at this point. I hear the folks are pretty hopping mad in DeSoto about Childers and how he keeps running them down on the campaign trail. I think it’s a risky move they have 70,000 voters over there. If they get out Childers words about how the people of DeSoto are not real Mississippians and don’t deserve a congressman who will represent them then it could be just the opposite.

  22. bluedevil Says:

    I have some relatives in DeSoto county and they are all upset about how negative the adds have been against Travis-especially the tax adds. They equate that to being late on a car payment, house payment or credit card and several of the people they know will switch on this election because of that. The people here in Prentiss Co. will turn out big time and last election, Prentiss vote basically negated DeSoto Co. That is how well respected Travis is here. Now the ones that didn’t vote last time are really mad about the nursing home lies, the tax crap, and trying to tie him to Obama. It will be interesting to me to see how many people turn out for the Cheney event. If the people of DeSoto Co want more of the same, then someone must have performed labatomies when they crossed the state line fleeing Memphis.

  23. rightofmississippi Says:

    You hear that and we hear that Davis has the momentum even in Lee county right now as people realize that Travis isn’t all he is cracked up to be, we had a guy who went walking door to door for Davis in Lee county Wednesday and got a very good response, people who said they voted for Travis last time but the 2000 dollar check to Kerry flipped their vote, because Travis said that he didn’t know any of these people he was tied to and nobody in Lee county would give 2k to someone they didn’t know.

    Nobody is going to switch in DeSoto they have been consistent and solid for Davis, they will NOT be switching because Childers has been very negative towards the citizens of DeSoto county.

    We have relatives there too, and since Travis has been just as negative he don’t have clean hands anymore so people are going back to Davis because he is the Republican and they usually vote Republican in federal races.

    Guess it matters who you talk to.

    Being penalized for taxes 130 times does not make anyone more likely to trust you with their money.

    Oh and we hear that Travis has an ad on Urban radio bragging about the Barack Obama endorsement although he denies it ever happened.

    People hear about these things.

  24. bluedevil Says:

    You’re door to door guy must have been in the country club area. Like I said, it is all going to boil down to turnout. Voting this many times has made this a Haley masterpiece. At any rate, MAYBE it will finally be over Tues., at least until November.

    Also, according to the comment I posted earlier about Davis, people make up some stuff too. Did you ever hear anything about the ‘exposure ” episode?

  25. bluedevil Says:

    There was an interesting letter to the editor in the Tupelo Journal today. Basic premises was if conservative politics has served Mississippi so well, how comw we’re 50th in nearly everything? I f Republicans really wanted to outlaw abortion, why did they insists on trying the constitutional amendment route which they knew would never pass? When they had a majority in both houses and Bush II in the white house, why not just pass the right to life act, kind of like the voting rights act? Because they don’t really want it overturned that’s why. They pander to the religious right and so far the religious right hasn’t caught on.

    As far as liberal policies, I don’t know about you , but I’m just a regular working stiff. If I had to bear the cost of my in-laws and parents medical bills medical, I would have never been able to save for retirement, and since I have no children, who would take care of me when I’m old. I would have VA but that is a whole other can of worms under Shrub II. I remember back seeing my grandmother struggling to keep her mother at home who had “hardinin of the arteries” which later was discovered to be Alzheimers which my Grandmother also inheritied and thank God for Medicare-which was opposed by republicans for years. So was Social Security, TVA. and just about everything else that pulled this region out of the middle ages. We have a long way to go, but as I said one time, without “Liberal” politics in Washington over the last 75 years , we in NE Mississippi would still be reading by coal oil lamps and using corncobs for toilet paper.

  26. justinian Says:

    “Question: Does Travis Childers Have a Chance? Answer: No”


  27. […] go ahead and gloat. Guys like these are just asking for it: Question: Does Travis Childers Have a […]

  28. Mike Says:

    Sorry guy. You were wrong on 22 APR and you’re wrong again – Childers ovewr Davis tonight. In case you haven’t realized it yet, the NOV election is going to be 1964 all over again. REP House losses of 35-40, SEN losses of 6-8. DEMs will have a huge mandate and will finally get this country on the right track.

  29. AdamG Says:

    And Childers takes it, 54-46…in an R+10 district. Good luck in November.


  30. Matt D. Says:

    Oops. Owned on your own blog. That’s embarrassing.

  31. OffTheMapLiberal Says:

    So Travis has no chance Aye? Ha Ha Ha! So go east shit and bark at the moon! Dumbass!

  32. Tallulah Says:

    So, um, I guess you must be feeling pretty stupid right about now.

    When are you going to adjust that “96.8%” number at the top of your blog?

    Have fun, sucker.

  33. Googler Says:

    Our post came up when I googled “Travis Childers” — looks like you’re going to have to lower that “96.8% right” percentage a bit! Oooh yeah!

    Them Dems in ’08!

  34. Eric Hampton Says:

    ANSWER: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Amused Texan Says:

    Ha ha. 🙂

  36. ObamaWebb08 Says:

    Question: Does Travis Childers Have a Chance?
    Answer: No

    Great call there, genius.

  37. rightofmississippi Says:

    Great Job to all you brilliant armchair quarterbacks out there. We apprecaite yall coming to the blog to gloat, we will lower the number on the blog in accordance with the fact that we did get this one totally wrong. Travis Childers cleaned house today, good for the Democrats.

    I will tell you that these fellas that came to post above are “not from around here” and thats the nicest thing I can say.

    I have differences with the lib blogs in MS but we all have a touch more class than these fellas.

  38. bluedevil Says:

    I am from around here but I’m not going to gloat. My prediction was a little more accurate than yours but we lost one county that I just don’t understand. I’m sure you are a decent human being but when you get into political philosophy sometimes the deep passions that are felt become nasty.

    I am a Yellow Dog Democrat who came from nothing and have worked hard and made myself comfortable. So why am I not a Republican? Because I haven’t forgotten where I came from and neither has Travis. That is what made the difference in this election. Travis can connect with the welfare recipient as well as the company executives. I hope Novemebr will be less mudslinging and more about issues. I doubt it but we can all hope.

    Thank you for you blog and your opinion and our spirited discussions. I look forward to more discussions in the fall. Do you have any idea if RNC is going to change tactics. This is the third Rep seat they have lost so far this year with smear tactics. My greatest jubilation over this is knowing Haley Barbour has to be feeling like a whipped dog or worse-I hope its worse!!!!

  39. ObamaWebb08 Says:

    “I have differences with the lib blogs in MS but we all have a touch more class than these fellas.”

    When some folks gave you a good analysis and damn near predicted the exact results weeks before yesterday’s special election, you hit them with this…

    “I still think you are sniffing glue if you think Childers has a real chance though.”

    Yeah, talk to us about “class”, ace.

    You best read Gingrich’s recent article he wrote. There’s a tsunami coming. Maybe the next time the GOP controls Congress, they won’t act like a bunch of rubberstamping lockstepping automatons for the Worst POTUS Ever.

  40. james Says:

    Wow, whoever wrote this must be feeling really stupid now.

  41. Snickering in MN Says:

    Well, the Republicans aren’t doing so hot this year in the special elections category. Let’s see – where do they stand now 0 for 3 in special elections. Off too a great start!

  42. bluedevil Says:

    O.K. Travis is headed to Washington this A. M. he was just by here and I assume the swearing in is still set for tomorrow. Now, let’s talk about the senate race. What do you folks think will happen there? I had good feelings about this from a variety of sources but haven’t heard much at all about the Musgrove vs Wicker thing. All I know is that he was my representative for 14 years and didn’t accomplish alot for the district-pretty much was a Bush Rubber stamp,and the one time I needed some help for a dying friend it was always we’ll be right on that and let you know in a few days-nine months later my friend died and I never heard another word from them. Itwas always me who initiated the call and none were ever returned. The one Republican who might could have softened me up at a vulnerable time turned his back on me and a needy family.

  43. rightofmississippi Says:

    We are not optimistic about the senate race.

  44. tony gates Says:

    So what’s the chatter about the senate race? Everyone has been awfully quiet????????

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