Travis Childers and Joey Langston, Guilt by Association Volume 1

Travis Childers and Joey Langston Volume 1

From the Daily Journal

“He (Childers) and his family converted the 70-year-old structure into an independent living community for seniors. Then they partnered with Joey and Tracie Langston to build a new 80-bed nursing home next door.

“This is one of the best-kept secrets,” said Landmark administrator David Horn. “Before this, we only had 64 beds for the entire community. There were no new beds in over 45 years until Travis Childers built this.”

The Childers bought out the Langstons’ business interest in 2002, becoming the sole proprietors years before Joey Langston pleaded guilty to conspiracy to bribe a judge in one of the most sensational scandals in state history.”

These two have a history, one is a convicted Felon and judge briber the other is the Democratic candidate for MS-01.  Childers and Langston are long-time associates and business partners in some shady real estate deals as well as the Landmark Nursing home.  

We will continue to explore this connection, there are too many folks in congress with these kind of connections to shady characters who operate outside of the law.  There are too many unanswered questions about Travis Childers and we intend to explore them.

Travis Childers must answer these questions

1. What did he know about Joey Langston’s illegal dealings?

2. When did he know about Langston’s transgressions?

3. What other business deals did he parter with the Langston’s on?

4. Did Travis Childers abuse the power of his office on Joey Langstons behalf?

5. How much financial benefit has Travis Childers received from his multiple partnerships with the Langstons?

All the best,


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17 Comments on “Travis Childers and Joey Langston, Guilt by Association Volume 1”

  1. enaid Says:

    Guilty by Association, are you kidding? You can’t be that stupid to believe something like that. These kind of comment reflect poorly on your intelligence.

  2. rightofmississippi Says:

    Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to log on and attack our intelligence person enaid.

    Regarding your question:

    Yes we do believe that the people whom you surround yourself with speak volumes about your own character and we also believe that most Mississippians would agree with us on that point.

    Feel free to enlighten us.


  3. jojoagain Says:

    Someone light a fire under your butt ROM? Whereyabeen? Looks like Mr. Travis plum rubbed you the wrong way.

    Good to have you back.


  4. rdm22 Says:

    ROM stated Mr. Childers was involved in shady land deals. Why don’t you enlighten your readers with the proof you have instead of making unfounded allegations. Until then I for one will believe you’re a hack for Davis with no crediblity.

    Your questions about Langston and Childers were answered by the voters. Prentiss countians know of their frienship and gave Travis 91% of the vote. Enough said.

  5. rightofmississippi Says:

    Hack for Davis with no credibility??? We have been blogging about MS Politics for over a year now.

    We are pretty fair overall but have a very well documented partisan tilt hence the name of the blog.

    Maybe you should read a little before you go wildly throwing around accusations. We will get to the land deals don’t you worry.

    That was 91% of Prentiss County Democrat Primary voters by the way, i suspect that Republicans and Independents might not feel the same way.

  6. rdm22 Says:

    I find it interesting that you would advise me not to throw around accusations. Isn’t that exactly what you’ve been doing against Mr. Childers? If you have the proof on the land deals, then put it on your blog. Why wait?

    Same with Langston. You imply wrongdoing by association. Where’s your proof? I’m sure Mr. Langston has many friends. According to your logic they would all be quilty by association. If not, which ones do you exclude.

  7. […] a “donation”. My gut tells me that this was all worked out ahead of time between these “business partners” and “good friends” but of course we will never […]

  8. rightofmississippi Says:

    No, we were asking questions not throwing around accusations. Is there something to hide?

    Yes we do imply wrongdoing but are attempting to be fair about it by giving our sources so people can make their own decision.

    Regarding the land deals, the first one is up on the blog (version 3) in which it APPEARS that the two conspired together to bulldoze a church and re-locate some graves.

    Please follow through the case we have laid out piece by piece and you will see why we built the case this way.

  9. Barneyfife Says:

    Well I would bet if you turn over a few rocks your gonna find a few more snakes in the bed with Travis(i take care of my momma) and Joey(Da boss),Like Glen Green ,Mike Hudleston,Buddy Clark,Mike Kesler,and Larry Lambert our county supervisors. Its been said in Prentiss county once you become a supervisor your called Mr Supervisor ,after your first term your called Mr Millionaire ,Like the Booneville Baldwyn airport expansion that the supervisors voted for that tore down a historic church to extend the runway of a non used airport so Da Boss could fly his jet closer to home .Check out my website The Prentiss County Voice

  10. rightofmississippi Says:

    Barney, Please email us with any leads on Childers your side of the story is exactly what I have heard from multiple people in Prentiss County, we are just having to connect the dots from news stories to prove it. Anything ever show up in The Independent?

  11. ElPablo Says:

    ROM. Travis will love you when he gets elected no matter what you say about him. He knows you and all your buddies are scared that you are going to lose the 1st congressional. And everybody out there that can’t get over their “Man Crush” on Dickie and Joey can get free help under the Democratic Health Care Plan.

  12. rightofmississippi Says:

    ElPablo, that is EXACTLY what we DON’T want. Another Democrat in D.C. that will push Nancy Pelosi’s agenda. The People of North Mississippi will reject Travis Childers because he is the kind of candidate that will preach Mississippi values but vote for a San Francisco liberal to be speaker of the house.

    That being said we will still love Travis after this is all over, we just don’t want him in congress 🙂

  13. ElPablo Says:

    ROM, I don’t see the GOP picking up any seats this season. I am with you on Nancy Pelosi, I don’t want to see her speaker either. But since it will be years before the dems lose control, then it will take somebody like travis to lead the fight in the party to give her the boot. Look at it like this. What good would Greg Davis be to us as a newcomer in congress being part of the minority. Since the bears of the GOP is out like Tom Delay and J. Denny Hastert the party is leaderless. With the pres likely to Go Dem and the Dems lead widening in Congress, nobody up there, would know or even care to know who Greg Davis is. He would be the puppy at Michael Vicks dogfights.

  14. rightofmississippi Says:

    I will concede multiple points to you there ElPablo as many of them are valid. A guy like Davis is they guy who could build a lot of seniority in the minority party and when the house flips again, as it always does, he would be sitting squarely in the fabled catbird seat.

    Childers if elected would face strong and well funded challengers every single year and would eventually get knocked off, (most likely this November if he were to win) as McCain might make a run at 70% in MS-01.

    This is a Republican seat no two ways about it. I don’t think that putting a temporary Democrat in there to run for their life constantly is the right answer if you want things done in congress.

    Best case scenario is that Davis wins, goes to D.C. and focuses on constituent service as a secure member of the minority then emerges as a powerful cardinal when the GOP returns to power.

  15. ElPablo Says:

    I don’t think the people of the 1st will be well served waiting on congress to flip again. The wave right now is all democrat. I say it would be 12 to 14 years before the GOP has a chance of taking back over. Greg would build a lot of seniority over that time, if elected, but he would not be a leader. Glenn would have been the guy to take power not Greg. If Travis stays true to his beliefs he would be hard to beat even if the district is a GOP district. Example, Gene Taylor. Even if he does face a fight every two years, I think that would be helpful to us as citizens to keep our elected officials inline. You are like me, we are both political junkies, nothing excites us more than a “good ole election fight”

  16. rightofmississippi Says:

    Gene Taylor is an entirely different story he was first elected when that district was Democrat and it has changed underneath him. When Taylor retires that seat goes GOP as well.

    Your estimate of 12-14 years is far too long in my opinion, depending on the outcome of the 08 presidential, if we elect a Democrat as president the house flips back in 2010 or 1012 is my opinion.

    Of course neither of us really know.

    About to drop Travis’ John Kerry donation. Not the strongest hit but it will be another installment in our “Guilt by Association” series which from the traffic we have had in the last 2 days has been VERY popular.

    We don’t know Greg but by looking at his record it would seem that he has demonstrated leadership abilities and political chops. He did beat Glenn after all, and that took hustle.

  17. ElPablo Says:

    He beat Glenn because the desoto republican machine is on par with the daley political machine of chicago in the 1960’s. You are right we dont know. 2 years is along time in this game.

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