Well dang, we went and upset Will Bardwell

Will Bardwell dosent like us anymore 😦

This really upsets us here at ROM because we are HUGE Bardwell fans.  We honestly think that there is a strong Childers/Langston relationship here worth exploring (Chapter 2 will be out soon) but we received the proverbial “smackdown” from WB this am (see link above) and apparently we have now been classified as a “Republican Superfan Blog”  This hurts our feelings as people who actually read this blog would say otherwise.

Let’s be clear, nobody gets a free pass on ROM and never has.

Blogging is a small community and at some point we are all on the same team, attacking the credibility of another blogger is a serious faux pas.

What fun is blogging if you cant stir up a little trouble?  Mr Bardwell, what connection do you have to Childers, and therefore Langston and therefore Capitan America?


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5 Comments on “Well dang, we went and upset Will Bardwell”

  1. Bardwell Says:

    Now now, don’t get upset on me. All in good blogging fun.

    But really, this is all just a little bit of a stretch, isn’t it? Now they’re friends? What does that prove? I imagine that Langston had lots of friends, the vast majority of which were probably (and rightfully) shocked when he was indicted. That doesn’t make any of them shady characters merely by virtue of that friendship.

    And come on, you certainly are a super-fan. But that’s fine. I’m a Gene Hackman super-fan. At least you geek out over something that matters.

  2. rightofmississippi Says:

    Whew! you had us pretty nervous, we know it is a stretch as such we indicate very clearly that we are making a guilt by association charge.

    None of this proves anything of course. We are not a news outlet.

    Hoosiers, French Connection, or Superman II?

    We geek out over a whole lot of things.

  3. Bardwell Says:

    “The French Connection,” then “Hoosiers.” And then “Unforgiven.”

  4. Mr. Conservative Says:

    I believe Bardwell to be a liberal whiner that has no credence to spout his BS. The boy needs to go ahead and get his Lawyer degree, and start chasing ambulances….LOL !!

  5. Former Democrat Says:

    You want the connection from Bardwell to Langston and Childers? I’ll give it to ya. Bardwell’s mum worked for Dick Molpus who was a huge financial benefactor of Mr. Langston. LOTS of money from Langston (king maker in NE MS) has gone to Democratic candidates. Bardwell must have fond memories of all that $$$ going to his favorite liberal standard bearers.

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