Travis Childers and John Kerry, Guilt by Association Volume 4

Travis Childers Donation to John Kerry

Thanks to our friend Wompum for the tip on this.

Travis Childers is shown as a $2000 donor to John Kerry For President Inc. on January 22nd, 2004.

This is exactly why he will lose this election. Childers past support of liberals like John Kerry and close ties with Joey Langston and company are questions that he will have to answer.

We highly doubt that the voters of Mississippi’s first district have any interest in electing another superdelegate for Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton and vote for Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The more we find out about Travis Childers, the less we want to know.


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7 Comments on “Travis Childers and John Kerry, Guilt by Association Volume 4”

  1. wompum Says:

    Here’s something to think about. At the end of the day, where would you want your representative to be? Sitting somewhere with Ted Kennedy, Nancy (failed facelift) Pelosi, Borack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, or Charlie Rangel, et al having dinner and cocktails? Not something I’d like to think about living in the 1st District.

    Are there some problems within the GOP? Doggone right there is but it’s still head and shoulders above someone lying about being a “conservative democrat”. On a national level, there just ain’t no such thing. There may be a few in the state houses but you won’t be one long if you don’t toe the liberal line the donkeycrats have handed down. There won’t be money for you to run for reelection in 2 years from the national party is you’re a true conservative democrat. George Soros would disown you for sure.

  2. ElPablo Says:

    I voted for Bush in 04. But I got a bruised ass right now from 4 years of kicking myself for doing so.

  3. wompum Says:

    sure wish ROM had a “contact” button somewhere on this blog. ElPablo, I’ve not been happy with W either. Still when I think back to John Kerry, I can’t help but shudder like a dog trying to pass a peach seed.

  4. RascalDan Says:

    Hey wompum, I have an idea, why don’t you run for supervisor next time.

  5. wompum Says:

    Well Dan, after having seen my father in law be a supervisor for many years in another county, that’s not a job I’d want. Besides, I couldn’t make any money at it since I don’t take bribes,,,, never have, never will. And believe me, in my chosen occupation, there were many offers and opportunities but thankfully, I can look myself in the mirror in the morning, face my family, face Jesus Christ on Judgment Day, and say that I NEVER have.

    Don’t think my dad in law did either since he really didn’t need the money when he was supervisor. He was already drawing 2 nice retirement checks when he ran the first time. But since I’m not him, I can’t say for sure like I can about myself.

    Also, I very much enjoy my little hobby of being behind the scenes in politics. I’m very involved but I’d rather help some folks become elected than to be there myself. That way, I can call more folks when I need something.

  6. BeyondKen Says:

    >wompum Says: “Here’s something to think about. At the end of the day, where would you want your representative to be? ”

    Well Womp, you got someone who’ll be sitting with Jim Webb(Marines), Patrick Murphy(Army), Wesley Clark(General), Tom Harkin(Marines), Leonard Boswell(Army), and John Murtha(Marines).

    Pretty good company.

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