Travis Childers and Joey Langston, Guilt by Association Volume 8

By Kenny Goode
The Banner-Independent
The pastor of a small, predomi­nantly black, church in the Frankstown community said his congre­gation is pre­pared to fight eminent do­main proceed­ings when the issue comes be­fore a judge next month in Booneville at the Prentiss County Court­house.
Court date is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 18 at 9 a.m. Plaintiff in the case will be Prentiss County.
“And we have retained Attorney Steve Farese of Ashland to repre­sent us,” said the Rev. Henry Da-
mons of Ruben Chapel Church. The county will be represented by Attorney Frank Russell of Tupelo. Rev. Damons said the 240-member congregation of Ruben Chapel Church is resigned that their church, which was founded an estimated 80 years ago, will likely have to move to an­other location so the runway at the Booneville-Baldwyn Airport can be ex­tended 1,000 feet. “Even though the church was there first and even
though it means some of the congregation’s deceased loved ones in the adjacent cemetery will have to be disinterred and moved else­where.”
He said the church has been a focal point in the community since 1925 with even earlier records indicating members at­tended church services nearby in a building known as the Lin­coln School, which no longer exists.
Rev. Damons continued, “We also disagree on what Prentiss County officals are trying to give us, monetarily, for the property. We’d rather lose the church in court than to give it to these people who are supposed to represent all of Prentiss County.”
The minister said, if and when the church relocates clos­er to Baldwyn, the money of­fered by the county would not be enough to construct a new church. “We will be going into debt by probably $150,000 be­cause of having to move.”
News of eminent domain proceedings were announced in a press release last week from Glen Green, president of the Prentiss County Board of Su­pervisors.
Rev. Damons said it was his understanding that quite a number of landowners were less than pleased with the amounts they received but he could only speak for Ruben chapel Church.
“The law states the govern­ment has to give a fair market value and as County Board At­torney Joey Langston has stated so eloquently,’A fair market value is a fair market value in the hearts and minds of the jury’.”
He added, “I think the elect­ed officials are trying to sell to the public that this is the right thing to do all in the name of progress. But, it’s not… It only benefits a few so we’ll leave it up to a jury.”

In his opinion, Ruben Chapel’s minister said he does not foresee any great amount of industry being brought into this area by the extension of the runway airports are the county needs to fill the in-
dustry facilities it already has first.”
The minister said perhaps the greatest issue, rather than get­ting enough money to rebuild, is regarding the removal of graves, which he estimates to be about 12
he added, “At the start of this, the negotiators wanted us to remove the graves. Some of those are un­marked and have been there a long time. You are talking about caskets which will have deteriorated and, in some cases, there will be nothing left but bones. It is going to be a horrif­ic challenge.”
And he disputes the county’s figures regarding number of af­fected graves and predicts if the project goes forth, that some unmarked graves are even like­ly to be blacktopped over by the runway itself.
He said all aspects will ulti­mately be aired in court – in­cluding his allegations that many of those involved in the proceedings have had a person­al conflict of interest.
He concluded, “That is what we are going to do. I could not sleep at night if we allowed the county to bulldoze this congre­gation.”

ROM- This get’s worse and worse for Travis Childers the more we uncover, thanks to the great investigative reporting by BarneyFife.

The Banner-Independent is tough to find online so we appreciate that hard work finding this article, this is a killer, the pastor is on record saying that this expansion only benefits a few.

Travis Childers was the Chancery Clerk and Joey Langston was the Board Attorney. We have previously established their friendship, the fact that they were business partners and we have a lot of emails ect. that encourage us to keep digging because there is no doubt from the people of Prentiss county that this proceeding was pre-arranged and Langstons “gift” was the same kind of payoff that he is now infamous for.

Scumbags the lot of em.


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22 Comments on “Travis Childers and Joey Langston, Guilt by Association Volume 8”

  1. Barneyfife Says:

    Oh did we mention who the Lawyer for the Church was ,Should not have the Lawyer for the Church stated that it would be a conflict of intrest since he and Joey where such big Buddies and it was the County of Prentiss fighting the Church and Langston was the Counties Lawyer ..Is anyone else seeing a picture here??? Fareese on one side Langston on the other and the Church in the middle ,Good Lord the church was lucky to have received anything from the County also check the Monies supposdly spent on this project and where it all has went or didnt go ……..BarneyFife

  2. Tim Says:

    i am terrified about what this guy and those who he owes would do to us in dc. i implore all you in cd-01 to please vote for greg davis. we can not afford to let travis childers and the democrats to steal this seat.

  3. Mississippi Girl Says:

    Good Grief.

    I know I should resist temptation and ignore such idiocy, but I cannot. First of all, the church hired STEVE Farese, not Tony. Yes, they are all friends – it is a small district and most attorneys who handle similar cases are friends. SO WHAT??

    Barney Fife has some kind of major axe to grind against Joey and other Prentiss Countians. I have read his rantings on other sites. Looks like he will be right at home here.

    Any action on Travis’ part was simply in the course of his employment. It is ludicrous to think otherwise. Those of us who know all the parties know the truth and what you are posting is far, far from any semblance thereof.

    And I recall something in the Booneville paper that might be of interest – a letter from a gentleman totally unconnected with Joey who defended the airport and mentioned how important it was to bringing in business. I recall that several of the industries – Catepillar, ACCO and others in Prentiss County were making great use of the airport.
    Of course that doesn’t help the campaign to smear Travis, so I doubt Barney or ROM would be interested in that information.

  4. rightofmississippi Says:

    of course we would please find it and post it here or send it to us, we could not find any other reason for this airport which was adequate by all accounts that we heard.

    We try to be fair here so please post the article and thank you for contributing to the debate.


  5. Mississippi Girl Says:

    I don’t know where to find it. I will look and see if I can find the Banner online. It was written by Howard Davidson – a longtime Booneville businessman – former owner of the local car dealership. It made a lot of sense. There are several businesses with locations in other areas who use the airport frequently.

  6. Barneyfife Says:

    Yea the Howard Davidson that Manages the Airport *DUH * I’m sure he will talk the airport up But I can assure you the Airport is not used by anyone of these Companies .. PERIOD.. And I have no axe to grind I just dont like theives stealing from my Neighbors …..And Joey is an admitted Liar ,Theif ,and Crook

  7. RascalDan Says:


    If you(Mr. Cole) don’t think that Caterpillar et al have made more use of that airport than any private individual, you are sadly mistaken. You can find out what planes fly in and out of there pretty simply, but I guess that doesn’t fit your agenda.

  8. Barneyfife Says:

    U RascalDan are so far off its totally unbeleivable ,If you only Knew you would have a frikkin heart attack,U must have been in on the payoffs from Joey to be attempting to justify what he and the Supervisors did so U IMO are cut from the same bolt of moth eaten cloth !!!!

  9. Barneyfife Says:

    oh Mississpii Girl U can get a copy of that letter at the George E Allen Library they keep all Banner papers there ,U wont find it online The Banner isnt online yet, But as I said Mr Davidson Manages the Airport so Hes Prejudiced ..

  10. Pablo Says:

    Haley flew into the Airport last week. Let’s blame him too. The 5 supervisors in prentiss makes the decisions not the chancery clerk. For all I know the people buried out there may like watching airplanes.

  11. rightofmississippi Says:

    Nice try Pablo, Childers was involved or he would not have been the one commenting to the press about the land that had been secured. He is on-record as part of this story and his ties to Langston are well documented.

    If Childers neglected your kin in his nursing home and then dug up their graves after they passed so his buddy could buy a bigger jet I suspect you would be singing a different tune.

    Oh and p.s. he was late on his taxes 130+ times, sounds like a REALLY great guy…….(thick sarcasm)

  12. Pablo Says:

    His office handles securing the land, but he doesn’t have a vote on the board. I’m sure the county engineer surveyed the property, are they to blame too? I have had kin in his nursing home and have not had any problems. If I was 80, I would rather go to his nursing home above all the others. Have you had a family member in his nursing home? Have you ever been to his nursing home? If you haven’t call up there I am sure they will give you a tour. If he was late on his taxes, I am sure he paid a penalty. I would like to know what taxes you are talking about. Income? State? Property? Car Tag? And how late was he? And he really is a great guy.

  13. Mississippi Girl Says:

    Honestly, if you pool the trial lawyers who handle nursing home case, The Landmark is actually one of the best in the state. I know the reviews sound scary, but if you have ever had a loved on in a home -you know those are the rule, not the exception.

    I will be the first to admit that I love Travis and his family. I know that everyone doesn’t know him like I do. However, I hate to see him painted with a negative light because of his friendships. I am glad Joey has friends like Travis. He needs good people around him. And I think it is admirable that Travis is his friends. A lot of Joey’s “friends” have scattered but those true ones stand by him, pray for and with him, and hope he makes a turnaround. I would think a lot less of Travis if he abandoned his friend during this time.

  14. rightofmississippi Says:

    MS Girl, your loyalty is honorable but I am pretty certain that your friends have not always walked the honorable path. We all have our faults but not all of us are running for the US Congress.

    Pablo I think you are just a crazy person. But to answer your question we believe that he was late on his property taxes mostly. Please admit that 130+ violations of anything shows a lack of responsibility

  15. Mississippi Girl Says:

    I have not seen or heard anything to make me think that Travis failed to act honorably. He had a business partnership with Joey Langston. He later bought Joey’s share. I have no idea about the tax violations. I keep hearing it but I haven’t seen it yet. That is troublesome to me – but I wouldn’t call it dishonest. I would really like to see the facts before I make a judgment call. I will agree that if someone fails to pay their taxes more than 130 times – it raises a question as their judgment. But a blanket statement with no proof is not enough for me. I have personally payed penalties for not paying income taxes – anyone who gets an extension does so. If it is something like that – I have no problem whatsoever. Just please get the truth out there so we can make a decision about it.

  16. Pablo Says:

    Travis buys and sells a lot of property. I bet almost all of these violations are for property he sold mid year. If crazy is right, then i’m crazy.

  17. rightofmississippi Says:

    So because he buys and sells a lot of property it is ok that he didn’t pay the taxes on them?

    That opens up a whole other can of worms on the Chancery Clerk owning an active real estate company. Isn’t he the one who does the notices for tax sale property? I’m sure there is no conflict of interest there.

  18. Pablo Says:

    I think the collector does that. I sold some property a couple of years ago in November. The taxes were prorated. I paid my share out of my part to the buyer. Guess what, the buyer didn’t pay the taxes on time and guess whos name was in the paper, Mine and I didnt own the property.

  19. rightofmississippi Says:

    130 times dude, 130 times.

  20. Pablo Says:

    1000s 1000s of transactions dude. You pay property taxes once a year. So if it is 130 times on his house that means he has been late every year since 1878. If you are gonna spread this stuff get to the bottom of it. This reminds me that my power bill was due monday, thanks ROM.

  21. meinprentiss Says:

    I just wish Barney could spell. And he does have an axe to grind, poor little kid in high school.

  22. rightofmississippi Says:

    obviously multiple properties, we spread it because it is documented on the Davis ad but we do not have access to the Prentiss County Courthouse if you do please go pull the records for us.

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