NRCC Hits Travis Childers hard on his nursing home

This ad will hurt Travis Childers we were totally unaware of these violations in his nursing homes but this does not look good.

As we are production value freaks we appreciate the professionalism in which this ad was shot. I want to get some reactions before we deliver the overall grade but I think this will be a strong negative ad.



Below are the PDF’s from the websites quoted by the ad. Look like the NRCC was pretty cautious when running this ad, I think the more damaging hit would have been the double the national average of urinary tract infections or 3 times the national average for depression for seniors that were locked up in Childers facility.


Nursing Homes Ratings



And Another: Wow the NRCC is unloading on this guy (Hattip MSFCB)

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14 Comments on “NRCC Hits Travis Childers hard on his nursing home”

  1. jojoagain Says:

    Uhhhhh WOW! That ought to wipe that cheesy smile right out from underneath that nasty mustache. Those NRCC guys are vicious.

  2. Hernado Mike Says:

    ouch. nursing home abuse is never good.

  3. Hernado Mike Says:

    has anyone bothered to ask how a chancery court clerk, who oversee’s land records, deeds, etc etc gets into business deals involving property? doesnt this seem a bit unethical? wouldnt childers have access to potential sweetheart land/business deals…in which he could involve some of his buddies?

  4. Chilliplow Says:

    LOL…What a crock.. Go to a library. Find a prentis county phone book…call anyone at random…ask about travis childers…They’ll tell ya he’s a fine fella..

    It’s sad that the NRCC is so desperate. It’ll all come out in the wash.

    They know him better than the NRCC…

    I have owned a business or two in my life. I relied on others to run them. One stole me blind. The other did the bare minimum. I am sure Travis did not order an attack on the elderly. He left his business to be run by uncapable people.

    Who else has let uncapable people run things? …think on that.

  5. rightofmississippi Says:

    As we say where I come from, the fish rots from the head. Nursing Home Abuse is NOT GOOD!

  6. Chilliplow Says:

    I bet you are not from CD-1. We say it like it is here.

    I just made a phone call, my source said that “Travis’s Elderly care facilities were written up 1 time for minor offences.” “The issues were corrected promptly and no one was injured or adversely affected by the offences”

  7. rightofmississippi Says:

    You bet correctly chilli, if you had taken the time to read the blog you would know that we hail from Mississippi’s beautiful THIRD district.

    I checked the notations on the ad and they offenses were actually WORSE than the ad portrays. Working on a post with that data. Sneak peek (High Depression Rates, higher than average urinary tract infections. ect ect.

  8. Chilliplow Says:

    wow..being sad and a sore pecker too. I think we should have a lynching.

  9. rightofmississippi Says:

    Sounds like fun, the Davis ad I just saw says that Childers was late on his taxes 130 times, still trying to find a copy of that ad if someone has it.

  10. Mississippi Girl Says:

    Go to Review every nursing home and/or elder care home in Mississippi. If you find one that hasn’t had these type of issues, please let me know. These reviews are done periodically. My research shows that The Landmark has done better on some reviews than others. The real test is talking to people who work there and who have family and friends there. My sources tell me it is a good place. In any event, Travis has very little to do with the day to day running of the place.

    One thing that folks outside of Booneville probably do not know –
    The Landmark was the old high school. It had been condemned for years and was falling in – not only an eyesore but also a major hazard. Travis really did wonders with that place and the community (as I know it) is thankful.

  11. wompum Says:

    It’s all about the community of Booneville. I’m sure the boy did a lot of favors up that way. You scratch Langston’s back and he’ll scratch yours and so forth.

    I don’t think the nursing home is that big of a deal and I can’t stand the fool.

    Still, I want to know how a “conservative democrat” can give money to Kerry, stand side by side Bill Clinton and with Hillary Clinton. Look for some receipts here shortly on a Clinton contribution.

    Here’s the rub. He calls himself a “conservative democrat”. That’s a lie.

    Plus if a man can’t tell a poor manager of his business pretty quickly, then the man must be pretty slow. A smart man won’t let anyone stay long enough to steal you blind or abuse the elderly.

  12. wompum Says:

    What happened to all the childers’ apologists?

  13. rightofmississippi Says:


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