Travis Childers Failed To Pay His Taxes!

The Greg Davis Campaign is up swinging with this “contrast” ad split half on Travis Childers failure to pay his taxes on time over 130 times and half on why Greg Davis is the better choice.  We always like this tactic because ending on a positive note is nice. It’s like smiling to the crowd after you just broke the other guys nose.

Best ad of MS-01 so far in our opinion, maybe not the hardest hitting but quite possibly the most effective. Gives reasons why Childers is bad and reasons to vote for Davis. That might be the winning combination for the April 22nd Special.

Overall Grade: A-


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8 Comments on “Travis Childers Failed To Pay His Taxes!”

  1. Mississippi Girl Says:

    I am still not convinced Travis intentionally failed to pay his taxes. I know him and that doesn’t sound like him.

    I hear the flyer in today’s mail is disgusting and even lower than we expected Davis to sink. I saved mine from last week and sent them back to campaign headquarter.


  2. Chilliplow Says:

    I got the flyers..they were pretty bad…I am voting for travis.

  3. rightofmississippi Says:

    Yall were both voting for Travis before, lets be fair now. I posted the new flyer it’s from the NRCC not Davis and yes it is pretty bad, pretty bad for Travis

  4. Pablo Says:

    ROM. You must be from South Ms. Crap like this doesnt fly up here. Ask all them boys that tried to unseat our members of the legislature up here. Each time they send crap like this out it puts more votes in the Childers column. Davis will need everybody and I mean everybody in Desoto County to show up if he is going to win. The other counties will be for Childers.

  5. rightofmississippi Says:

    And you must be living in a bubble. I know North MS pretty well and I doubt that the people of North Mississippi are interested in electing Travis Childers to go to Washington and be an Obama SuperDelegate!!!!!

  6. Pablo Says:

    We will see come tuesday.

  7. bluedog Says:

    This tax slam is absolutely laughable! The ads try and make it out like Travis is a criminal over this. And from everyone that I have talked to (most of them conservatives), it has backfired. Whether Davis or some other committee made these attacks, it still hurts Davis. Any educated person knows how someone who buys/sells property can have late property taxes all of the time! From what I understand, the man buys properties and rents or fixes up and sells. Sounds like he is improving the community and yes, making money at the same time (he is a businessman). He probably only pays property taxes once a year (just like me and most other people). So anything prorated from the middle of the year may show late, and then he pays it when he pays the property taxes (once a year) on his other 100’s of properties! Also, if anyone that he sold property to didn’t pay their part of the prorated taxes it will show his name as a delinquent. By the way, does Travis have any liens against him for failure to pay his property tax? If not, enough said. I would wager that the county is happy that they are getting the 1% per month extra from the penalty that they otherwise would not get.

  8. meinprentiss Says:

    So if everyone that has ever been late on taxes, credit card, or a power bill will vote for Childers… ummm – will Davis get many votes then?

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