Childers and Davis on Negative Campaigns Channel 3

News Channel 3 does a feature on the MS-01 race, blowing the lid off of the fact that the 2 newspapers that endorsed Childers have labeled Davis the nasty campaigner when it is the Washington committees that are hitting both candidates.  Both candidates have run pretty clean campaigns.


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2 Comments on “Childers and Davis on Negative Campaigns Channel 3”

  1. Tim Says:

    not true. check out the disclaimer on Childer’s ads… those are paid for by the Democratic National party AND Travis Childers. CHILDERS is paying for the attack ads on Davis and is getting a pass from the media, especially the socialist with the Daily Journal. Travis Childers is a fraud and a liar. District 1 better wake up before we send a liberal democrat to represent us in DC. Vote Davis!!!

  2. f4f Says:

    Uh, no. The only ad that the DCCC and Childers produced jointly was this one:

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