Deja Vu All Over Again, Davis vs. Childers round #4

Here at ROM world HQ we predicted a runoff but we expected Holland and McCullough to Pull more votes.  Good turnout in DeSoto was important to Davis and his win in Columbus is huge.  May help stop this ridiculous East vs. West bickering.  Both Davis and Childers pulled huge margins from their home counties and split some that could have gone either way, will have to work up a map.

Davis wins in the head to head on the strength of the Obama endorsement and the increased attention that both parties will now bring to this race..

We think it was a tactical mistake to have Obama come weigh in here.


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One Comment on “Deja Vu All Over Again, Davis vs. Childers round #4”

  1. NEMSBlogger Says:

    I agree. The Tupelo Daily Journal Editor, Lloyd Gray, has a made a living by writing a storyline that is divisive. He first put forth the “east vs. west” thing and it’s been picked up eagerly by Childers and his DCCC comrades. Granted, this is made easier due to the lack of endorsement by Mr. McCullough, which I hope comes soon.

    But if one objectively looks at the Special results, they could look at it and see that Davis didn’t gain in Childers’s home area. However, they could also look and see that Childers lost geographical ground to Davis. Davis picked up Webster, Lowndes, and tied Choctaw in the Southeast; plus, Yalobusha, Lafayette, Panola in the Southwest. And did better than expected in Calhoun, Pontotoc and Union in the Center by gaining Pub votes. All while holding on to his stronghold of Desoto and Tate counties.

    The only counties that Childers did well outside of those adjacent to his home turf of Prentiss were those that had heavy African American votes (won’t get into the rumours on how that turnout was achieved right now). In other words, the way Dems generally run in Mississippi. The major exception to that is Lee County (McCullough’s home county), where it at first looked like the Pub base turned out for Childers, but a precinct-by-precinct looks shows that more than likely they just stayed home for the most part.

    In other words, now that it’s finally being broadcast that Childers is “at home” with liberals like Kerry and liberals like Obama are “at home” with Childers, he really can’t expand past his present base. If the Pubs in Lee County will support the party (as it has always supported their man, Wicker), Davis will win the runoff.

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