Greg Davis Endorsed By The Daily Star

Get out and vote for Davis


Okay Republicans, you are behind 49 to 46, it’s the fourth quarter, and you’ve got the ball.

State Rep. Tommy Reynolds, House Speaker Billy McCoy, and their cronies managed to draw Mississippi’s congressional district lines so as to guarantee the election of District Two Democrat Bennie Thompson, ensure the election District Four Democrat Gene Taylor, and elect an additional Democrat to District One — if Republicans cooperate.

On April 22, the Republicans almost forfeited the District One Congressional seat vacated by Roger Wicker. They did it the easy way. They stayed home.

Fortunately for the state and for the country, these no-show voters will have another chance on May 13 to save the day.

We do not need another Democrat in Congress. We don’t need another vote in Washington in the pockets of Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, and Teddy Kennedy. A candidate can claim that he is a “Blue Dog Democrat” all he wants, but a Democrat in sheep’s clothing is still a Democrat. When push comes to shove he will have to tow the party line – the Democratic Party line. The Democratic Party line of more taxes, more failed giveaway programs, and more burdens for those of us who work.

On May 13 vote for Greg Davis. Davis is a three-term mayor of Southaven and a proven leader.

Davis has skillfully led his city, one of the state’s finest, through a period of tremendous community growth and successful economic development.

Davis’ conservative fiscal management allowed Southaven to be the first city in the state ever to grant a tax rebate to its citizens. This is the philosophy we need in Washington.

The Democrat led in the primary 49 to 46 percent, but even McCoy and Reynolds could not gerrymander enough Democrats to win in District One — IF — the Republicans go to the polls.

Vote for Greg Davis Tuesday, May 13.

WOW, we are glad that someone finally said it.  At least there is one news outlet that hasn’t been bought and paid for by Travis Childers, after this race I am going to have a hard time ever taking the Daily Journal seriously. -ROM

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6 Comments on “Greg Davis Endorsed By The Daily Star”

  1. Researcher Says:

    The editor of the Daily Star is an idiot. The congressional districts were imposed by three Republican-appointed federa judges to ensure that Pickering beat Ronnie Shows. Everyone who comments about Mississippi politics should know that.
    Taylor wins a district that voted 68% for Bush. How is that gerrymandered to ensure a win by Democrats?

  2. rightofmississippi Says:

    No the editor of the Daily Journal is an idiot. Valid points here that they did not try to gerrymander Gene Taylor out, he is safe, and Benny T is safe as well, the 1st and the 3rd are supposed to be safe GOP seats and we cant give them up is the point of the editorial. Gene Taylor’s seat will likely go GOP after he retires but for the immediate future he is one of the safest members of the House.

  3. Ryan Says:

    You say that the editor of the DJ is an idiot, but you offer no evidence to support your argument.

    After that ridiculous ad that Greg Davis put out about Childers being associated with Reverand Wright, I wonder how many GOP voters will realize that Davis is full of crap.

  4. Pablo Says:

    WOW the Daily Star. Wouldnt the Daily Star’s endorsement be like getting endorsed by the free classifieds?

  5. rightofmississippi Says:

    I have offered evidence in previous posts I dont want to rehash it all out here.

  6. Barneys Freind Says:

    Why did yall BAN Barney ??

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