Obama Website Claims Travis Childers Campaign Has Ended, Childers to Carry “Obamatross” Around His Neck

-Well not exactly, but sort of the picture is hilarious.

A new screen capture from Barack Obama’s website may just tell the whole story on the MS-01 race for congress. On the page where Obama once urged his supporters to get out and help Childers so he could come to Washington and be part of the Obama Movement the page now features a disclaimer that inadvertently may tell the story of Travis Childers shot at the first district seat. Childers came close but it looks like his campaign accepted the Obama endorsement on the day of the Special election as a calculated risk in trying to reach 50%. They of course failed and will have to spend the next few weeks with the “Obama Albatross” or “Obamatross” ( copyright ROM 4/29/2008 ) around his neck.

Screen Image from Obama’s website “This Campaign has Ended”


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7 Comments on “Obama Website Claims Travis Childers Campaign Has Ended, Childers to Carry “Obamatross” Around His Neck”

  1. meinprentiss Says:

    Anyone can create their own webpage on my.barackobama.com.

  2. rightofmississippi Says:

    Well not everyone can get an email blast from Obama for America asking them help Travis Childers get elected so he can be a part of Obama’s “Movement” and this is not an “anyone can create” part of the site, we also understand that my.barackobama.com is closely monitored by the campaign.

  3. meinprentiss Says:

    ROM, I have had a site created for 4 days and no one has taken it down. And it is clearly a bogus fundraiser. Try it yourself.

  4. ann tyler Says:

    c’mon guys..you can’t really think that intelligent voters in North MS really fell for this bogus page created by the NRCC smear machine. This page DID NOT show up on the Obama site until 7:15 PM on the NIGHT of Aprill 22…At the time the page showed up, the polls were already closed… I can make a page on the my.barackobama.com site RIGHT NOW showing that he is endorsing Greg Davis and asking for phone calls…
    come on guys …WHAT GRADE ARE WE IN?????
    I created a page on the same website just to prove a point….and it was not taken down until I took it down ! PLease, can we get a little more creative!!??
    is it just entirely too much to ask that we stick to issues here and stop the blatant sentiment that Mississippi voters are just a bunch of idiots who take anything that is thrown at them for gospel!! NOOOTTTTTT!!!!!! I thin kthe fools in this matter are the ones who are proving themselves..the GOP , Greg Davis camp and the NRCC!

  5. rightofmississippi Says:

    and i suppose you can send a blast email to the Obama list from Obama for America as well. Get over yourself. We posted this one for fun, the other one was real and legitimate.

  6. meinprentiss Says:

    I must have missed it, but has a copy of the email been posted?

  7. rightofmississippi Says:

    yeah they have it over at http://www.cottonmouthblog.blogspot.com

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