Travis Childers Caught In a Bold Faced Lie Over Obama Endorsement

Channel 3 WREG Busts Travis Childers for Lying about the Obama Endorsement

You watch the video, you look at the evidence, you look at Childers body language. Travis Childers is a Liar. The Obama Endorsement letter has been posted on just about every well read political blog in Mississippi and we have a screen capture here.

Does anyone really think that the campaign manager has not been on the internet in a week, nor did they bother to check to see if there were any facts associated with an attack ad that is running against them.

Notice Childers does not reject the endorsement.

Notice how he fidgets when he has to answer questions about it.

This is a really dumb move, the Davis campaign won this one boys, take your lumps and try to change the subject, we know when someone is lying and yall are full of it. Anyone think we can trust Travis Childers or his campaign manager anymore?

Endorsement: 2 a: to approve openly <endorse an idea>; especially : to express support or approval of publicly and definitely <endorse a candidate>

I would say an open letter and public campaigning qualifies.

Pathetic that the man who wants to represent honest hard working Mississippian’s can smile and lie right to their faces.


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20 Comments on “Travis Childers Caught In a Bold Faced Lie Over Obama Endorsement”

  1. dwayne Says:

    This is silly. The whole guilt by association thing is distracting the voters from the real issues and perhaps the only thing that Greg Davis has to say. The only thing he says in his TV ads about himself is that he is a “pro-life conservative.” He is almost as shallow on his website.

    Childers says the same thing in his TV ads but adds his stance on real issues as well, ie, jobs, the energy crisis, the out of control spending in Washington, immigration, etc.

    Childers is a self made man who built a business from scratch and has helped his commjnity. Davis has spent most of his working life in government. You say that he has a great record in Southaven? Of course! The population has grown from suburban spillover from Memphis. Greg has let developers run wild in parts of Southaven but let others parts decay. Just drive along 302 on a weekend and see the congestion. Then drive along Stateline and see lines of closed businesses.

    If you throw out the Parties and look at the two individuals in depth, there is no comparison. Travis is by far the best candidate.

  2. rightofmississippi Says:

    This is an ENDORSEMENT. And Travis flat out lied about it, presidential campaigns don’t just take action on behalf of candidates without their knowledge. This is a HUGE mis-step for Childers, if he would take the endorsement then fine, not that big of a story, but to take it, then Lie about it, then deny that they ever knew about it.

    Lies Lies Lies. every blogger in Mississippi knew about the email and the Obama page on Tuesday are you telling me that nobody from the Childers campaign is monitoring the web?

  3. Hernado Mike Says:

    Travis by far is a crook. the funny refrain from the liberals and from Travis is that “well no duh! look at all the growth and positive stuff in desoto county.”

    ok. why do you think families and businesses feel SAFE to INVEST in DeSoto County and Southaven?

    Look, this is real simple, the people supporting travis will gladly pick up his anti-DeSoto County rhethoric and venom and bile that he spews, but the TRUTH is that Greg Davis HAS made DeSoto a much better place. Small minded people like Travis are simply jealous of the success that DeSoto County and Greg Davis have experienced. Travis suffers from professional penis envy.

    Congestion? hey idiot…why would there be any congestion, if DeSoto was vacant and no businesses?

    also, if your head were out of your a$$, you’d know that there is actually LESS vacant office space on Stateline Road than there is on Goodman. (Goodman Road which is actually a STATE HIGHWAY….i’ll let you burn the midnight oil working on which jurisdicition has oversight over STATE HIGHWAYS)

    Travis checks in papers and makes filings. wow. what an impact he has had. well, when he is not giving supposedly private information to his cronies so they may make out like bandits on land deals beofre the general public is aware (i.e. public auctions etc etc) and then recieve the subsequent political kickbacks.

    again…anyone seen any of Childers campaign financials from his time as Clerk? call around ROM. the SOS doesnt have them on file. Neither are they to be found in Prentis County.

    and it is also very well known that Travis leaked his Barrack Hussein ENDORSEMENT to CottonMouth the day before the election. Again. travis is a desparate man getting caught in lie after lie after lie.

  4. Barneys Freind Says:

    Why did Yall BAN BarneyFife was yall SKEERED he would offend Travis and Joey

  5. rightofmississippi Says:

    We did no such thing, Barney is always welcome

  6. Barneys Freind Says:

    He said he was banned from Yall Polocktics and here?

  7. Barneys Freind Says:

    Ok barn says when he post to here when he hits submit it goes to the page with no coment added to the page. on Yall Polocktics it says comment being reveiwed by moderator but nothing gets posted and has been that way for a week , He also says he has gotten a mail from a FAN that they was glad he was banned from the sites I will pass on that you say hes not banned here…

  8. rightofmississippi Says:

    Heck no, we have never banned a commenter, commenters are the lifeblood of blogs and if yall didnt come read and share your opinions then it would be a waste of our time to write this blog at all. We don’t edit comments either (like some of the liberal blogs do) 🙂

  9. BarneyFife Says:

    Well my post was not going thru all week

  10. BarneyFife Says:

    If I add my website to a post on here it wont add ,and all my post to Yall Politics Are not being posted ,It says post waiting to be reveiwed by Moderator but nothing is being posted that I write . Im guessing I scare someone !!!!! that or I ask real questions from REAL people not some lawyer posting on their office desktop during a coffee break ,I want real world answers to real world questions that affect me and my next door neighbors .

  11. rightofmississippi Says:

    Barney I think you are scaring ASKIMET SPAM Filter, it happens when you post links in comments sometimes.

  12. rightofmississippi Says:

    Insanity, this has become national news, links from big-time political bloggers, had over 7000 views in less than 24 hours last time i checked.

  13. bluedevil Says:

    Hernando Mike,
    Do you know Travis Childers personally? You use some pretty strong language so I’m assuming you have met him, seen him do business, watch him as a county elected official, etc. I personally don’t know Mr. Davis but I don’t like conservative politics. Why? Mississippi has practiced “conservative”9possibly even reactionary) politics all my life and it has really served us well-we measure 49th or 50th in just about every category except fat where we are number 1.

    The best politician for the development of DeSoto County has been Willie Herenton. Until he came along, DeSoto Co was nothing but a cotton field like most of the rest of Mississippi, then he came along with his “unique” management style and cronies and ran most of the business development out of Memphis. Even George Bush couldn’t have screwed that up!

    Now let’s look at the use of terminology here. Call what ever Barak Obama put on his website an “endorsement” if you want. Typically an endorsement is when a well known political figure stands on stage with a lesser known political figure and speaks for the lesser knowns benefit-you know like Cheney and Davis. that didn’t happen but would it not be foolish of any candidate not to his constituency to vote for members of his own party?? You know-like Dick Cheney.

    But yes Mike in Hernando, I understand your longing for the old days and the old ways-where the haves have more and the have nots-well they never had and never had hope. With Travis-at least they have hope.

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  17. long-ago classmate Says:

    i moved from MS long, long ago and just recently ran across all this ‘business’ online. I went to high-school with Travis. He was just a sweet boy then. Haven’t seen him since, though…

  18. Jo Ann Says:

    Is there any legal penalties or anything for the lie on a campaign ad. This has happened to me.

  19. Jo Ann Says:

    Is there any legal penalties or anything for the lie on a campaign ad regarding endorsements? This has happened to me.

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