CottonMouth Goes off the Deep End For Tongue Twistin Travis

I really like the guys at CottonMouth, and we try hard not to discredit other Mississippi Bloggers here at ROM but they seem to have made quite an oversight and gotten off message with each other.  

One CottonMouth blogger appears to be covering for Childers and attempting to discredit the Barack Obama endorsement of Travis Childers when an earlier post from another blogger calls the letter an endorsement.

Screenshots from CottonMouth Blog

On the 22nd the Obama Letter was an “Endorsement”











But on April 29th there was “Never Really” an Endorsement











Over here at ROM we make mistakes all the time, we own up to them and move on.

*This post has been edited from it’s original version when it was brought to our attention that different bloggers made the conflicting posts*

Still, we maintain that Travis is lying about the fact that he and his campaign team had not seen or heard of the endorsement, that is just silly to think that it just happened, we think it was a calculated risk that the Childers campaign made in an attempt to get to 50% that almost worked. 


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9 Comments on “CottonMouth Goes off the Deep End For Tongue Twistin Travis”

  1. John Says:

    Cotton Mouth is not an all knowing omnipresent voice, it is a forum that hosts the views of half a dozen people. That particular post was put up by a Jake Cooper while this post was put up by Jeff.

    I know scrolling down to the bottom of posts can be difficult, but do try.

    The Obama campaign has done the same for every other special election and I do believe there has been no coordination. The Obama campaign has some more important things to be worried about.

    Obama did endorse a special election candidate in Illinois and made that a clear endorsement:

    I won’t wait for a mea culpa.

  2. John Says:

    The presidential primary actually provides an excellent example of when Cotton Mouth writers disagree. Hiram and Casey Ann came out for Clinton, while John and Jeff supported Obama.

  3. rightofmississippi Says:

    Ok fine, you got us, are you telling me that my post is totally invalid? Is this not a contradiction in some way? If we hurt your feelings we will take it down. Were not trying to start a blog war here

  4. John Says:

    One writer gets an e-mail and posts it with one line of commentary. (which happens to be wrong)

    Another writer later posts correct information in an original post (not just the copying of somthing else)

    Then blog B claims that blog A is “blinded” and insinuates that they are assisting a lie.

    Not really a contradiction. My feelings are fine, but you may want to be more careful in your research for many of your posts. Anonymity can be protective, but it shouldn’t be used to present sloppy work.

  5. rightofmississippi Says:

    We are always sloppy, no doubt about that

  6. Hernado Mike Says:

    not a chance that Cotton Mouth runs the endorsement without the prior knowledge and approval of Travis Childers. He’s lying about that as well.

    when presidential candidate Barrack Obama sends out mass emails to TRAVIS CHILDERS email data base and his supporters, ENDORSING that people go vote for Childers b/c he is the best candidate for the job, what are us common folk supposed to think?

    travis took a chance, it failed, now he’s struggling. just one more bit of evidence that Travis Childers is not yet ready for prime time politics. he’s clearly not comfortable with who he is or who his friends are.

  7. rightofmississippi Says:

    Yes sir, watch and learn as the Childers campaign becomes David Landrum for Congress the sequel. Horrible management of this issue.

  8. John Says:

    “not a chance that Cotton Mouth runs the endorsement without the prior knowledge and approval of Travis Childers. He’s lying about that as well.”

    It’d be nice if we had that kind of communication. Do Republican blogs operate that way?

    The Obama campaign e-mail was not sent to at Travis Childers list. In fact, it wasn’t even sent to a list specific to the 1st district. It was sent out (to my knowlege) to every Mississippian who has signed up with Obama’s website and could definitely have been done without the Childers campaign’s knowlege.

  9. rightofmississippi Says:

    Although to be fair John, that is highly unlikely. We hear McCain may be doing something for Davis, do you think that he is just going to show up at campaign HQ and suprise them? Maybe he will just stop pop in to Corinth to say hello? If McCain sent an email to his Mississippi list do you suppose it would come as a shock to Greg Davis?

    I would be willing to bet dollars to doughnuts that the Davis campaign might have called them to ask for help.

    Congressional races are a big organization especially when the national parties get involved. Likely they asked for the email and they got it.

    That is absolutely the most likely scenario, no if’s and’s or but’s about it.

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