Travis Childers: Ya Just Can’t Trust him

We all remember where we were that fateful day when John Kerry proclaimed he voted for the Iraq funding bill before he voted against it and it seems that the tune Travis Childers is singing to is, “I actually was endorsed by Barack Obama…before I wasn’t endorsed by him”. It’s utterly shameful that Childers claims he’s being “attacked” just because he was called out on trying to squirm around the fact that YES, he was endorsed by uber-liberal Barack Obama.

We all know that Obama’s coattails, or perhaps, the lack thereof, is going to seriously damage any Democratic candidate’s hope of getting elected to Congress, but the sing and dance he’s doing is quite comical and the people of Mississippi’s First Congressional District deserve better.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

MONDAY, APRIL 21, 2008: Barack Obama’s campaign puts out a blast e-mail to all of his supporters to support Travis Childers in the special election. It advertises how they can conduct phone banking efforts where they live to help Childers.

TUESDAY, APRIL 22, 2008: The Special Election occurs and since neither candidate received the necessary 50%, it goes to a runoff.

FRIDAY, APRIL 25, 2008: Republican candidate Greg Davis uses Obama and his controversial pastor, Jeremiah Wright in a television spot which shows that Obama and Childers are out of touch with Mississippi values.

MONDAY, APRIL 28, 2008 – MAY 1, 2008: Childers claims he never received an endorsement from Barack Obama and uses that for the theme of his latest ad. He goes so far as to say linking him to Obama is an “attack”.   Wow, and I thought Childers was a Democrat.

Travis Childers can run, but he can’t hide …

Desperate.  That’s the only word that can truly describe what’s going on at Camp Travis. He is spending his entire piggy bank on an attempt to shake Barack Obama’s endorsement.

But don’t take it from us.  It’s covered here, here, here, here and here – just to name a few.


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7 Comments on “Travis Childers: Ya Just Can’t Trust him”

  1. jojoagain Says:

    Yeehaw! Git that ol trial lawyer lapdog Childers. Git em ROM!

  2. dwayne Says:

    It’s really sad that all you can think of to criticize Childers on is some vague accusations of backing off an endorsement. But that’s where the rightwing of America is today.

    You bankrupt the country with runaway spending and irresponsible fiscal policy, you get us stuck in a no win war based on lies, your love of oil company profits have hit us at the gas pumps, and your poor economic policies have caused a recession.

    If Travis did exactly everything you say here, and even worse, he should be elected on Greg Davis who hasn’t said anything positvie yet as to what he will do for us in Congress.

  3. rightofmississippi Says:

    Guess what, we are not in a recession we had positive growth this quarter, Greg Davis ran a bunch of positive stuff you have just forgotten about it.

    You are the scariest kind of idiot because you are too darn dumb to know any better and you might actually believe some of that crap.

  4. dwayne Says:

    Well you outted me. Just an idiot I am. It’s just my imagination that gas prices have doubled in the last year. Of course it’s that leeebrul media that’s lying about the deficit going above 9 trillion under Bush II….. high spending. And of course we just won the Iraq invasion 5 years ago!!!! Mission Accompished!!!!! We just keep the troops there to get them good and trained. Ain’t that right?

    All those whiners who cain’t find jobs? There’s lots of jobs around! Why I hear that Walmart’s about to hire some new cashiers.

    What a wonderful world we have under the Righties and Greg will help to perpetuate it.

  5. wompum Says:

    dwayne, know why gas prices doubled in the last year? I thought the dimmie controlled congress was going to fix that, get out of Iraq, and a ton of other crap they evidently lied about.

    There’s work out there for folks that want to work bad enough. The best place in the world to go when you’re broke is to work. It might not be what you want but it’ll put groceries on the table.

  6. BarneyFife Says:

    According to a letter I received on my website Travis Might be strong arming votes out of Booneville Citizens check out this letter sent to me ….I have a question. Would an employer have the right to call in an employee and ask them why they didn’t vote. The reason I am asking is because I know of a business in Booneville that is doing just that. The voter rolls have been pulled and this employer can see who voted and didn’t vote and also which party they voted in. Employees of this business have been called in the office and asked why they didn’t vote. Is this legal and a violation of the employees civil rights, or what would this be considered if anything. I don’t know all the facts yet so that is why i am asking this in such a general question. Thank you for you time in advance. Goggle My website and see THE PRENTISS COUNTY VOICE

  7. rightofmississippi Says:

    That is shady practice for sure but it is not illegal for a business to encourage their employees to vote.

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