Travis Childers and Nancy Pelosi’s $16,000, Guilt by Association Volume #11

There was considerable debate about weather or not Travis Childers was in bed with Nancy Pelosi and now we have black and white proof. Documents from the FEC showing Pelosi’s significant investment in Travis Childers, read them and weep folks.

16,000 dollars in Liberal San Francisco money to Travis Childers, who do you think Travis will be voting for for Speaker.

Just think for a second about why Pelosi would drop that kind of cash on ‘ol Travis.

The $16,000 from Nancy Pelosi, came in 5 different checks, 6 Grand from her campaign account and 10 Grand from her PAC To the Future.

Support from or for Nancy Pelosi should flat out disqualify you from holding office in North Mississippi.

So what is it going to be folks?  A North Mississippi agenda in Washington to represent you (Greg Davis) or a North California agenda (The Childers and Pelosi Dynamic Duo)?

Oh wait, am I attacking poor Travis about a connection with a “politician that he’s never met”?  Looks like you sure welcomed her checks though huh Mr. Travis?


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4 Comments on “Travis Childers and Nancy Pelosi’s $16,000, Guilt by Association Volume #11”

  1. BarneyFife Says:

    I have never had a doubt Travis is and always will be Bad for North Mississippi and the Citizens of his own home ,He has always followed the crooks and real movers and shakers like a lap dog and always will,He is a follower NOT a leader and could never be a true help to our Goverment anywhere

  2. Tim Says:

    yeah, be careful. by pointing out a fact, you are in danger of being called a racist (by the Memphis Commercial appeal as they called Davis) and being mean to Childers (as he pity party’s in his latest ad). Travis Childers is a joke and a liar.

  3. Tim Says:

    but wait, Fife. Hasnt Childers spent his entire life creating job(s) in N. Mississippi? Hasnt he been shaking it up? (I wish the Daily Urinal would for ONE SECOND do an objective fact check on “job creation” between Childers D-Liar and Davis R-N. Mississippi. But since they wont, please allow me to do their job for them:

    Childers job creation: 1-his own
    Davis job creation: 13,000+

  4. Ryan Says:

    Or how about Greg Davis receiving a visit from none other than Vice President Darth Cheney – a man who has lied, misled, and deceived the American people for nearly eight years. Talk about strange bedfellows.

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