DCCC Tries To Launch An All Out Race War In MS-01

Now THIS is Racial Politics at it’s absolute worst. The DCCC should be Ashamed of themselves.

From the Article that the DCCC cites:

Southaven Mayor Greg Davis said Thursday he would be willing to display the Jefferson Davis statue, which is in Downtown Memphis, near City Hall at the end of Northwest Drive.

Horn Lake Mayor Nat Baker also said he would take the statues of Davis and of Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest “in a heartbeat, even if we’d have to find some privately owned land to put them on.”

Davis said he isn’t “pushing” for the statue of Davis, despite some news reports saying otherwise.

“All I said was we’d be willing to give the statue a home,” Davis said. “That’s as far as my conversation with Gary Roper went.”

Davis said he hasn’t talked with any public official in Memphis about acquiring the statue.

He also said he doesn’t know what the exact process of obtaining the statue would be.

“I don’t even know if Memphis is even going to move it or not,” Davis said. “We were asked if we could give it a home and we said ‘yes.’ We’re not going to pay for it.

So “wanted to honor” and “try to honor” is’nt just a stretch it is complete and total bullcrap. They are talking about the WRONG STATUE!!!! This is FEAR BASED, RACIALLY MOTIVATED AND FALSE.


Now that “Flyergate” has become national news we remind all you big boy bloggers that you saw it here first.


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43 Comments on “DCCC Tries To Launch An All Out Race War In MS-01”

  1. Tim Says:

    again, democrats and travis childers are the most racist people on earth. times running out on travis childers.

  2. jojoagain Says:

    This is the most offensive piece of trash I have ever laid eyes on in a campaign. Guess I will go back to calling all my friends to get them out to vote tomorrow, will be handy to have this print out in my back pocket to show how low these people are willing to go.

    Nice job fellas I can get out another 20 votes at least with this alone, some of the folks I been talkin too almost believed that Travis is a conservative.

  3. Tim Says:

    i can safely say that the Davis campaign will be seeking FEC damages against both Travis Childers and the Democratic party. After Davis wins, of course. Travis Childers and his hencmen were handing them out today in oxford and elsewhere.

  4. rightofmississippi Says:

    I think they would have a case with this flyer. Davis is one of those guys who has always been colorblind and to have your face on something like this, can you imagine the way he and his family must feel after seeing this? Politics is a rough business but this is beyond the pale.

  5. BarneyFife Says:

    YES this is the Travis Childers I know so well ……..

  6. Tim Says:

    anyone who cares about the truth (that counts out travis and his supporters) might like to actually look at the FACTS that as Mayor, Greg Davis has hired more minorities than the total percentage living in southaven. Davis’ city comptroller ( a very important position) is an african american female. he has hired more african americans in the city’s police and fire departments than any other city in desoto county. he even hired a displaced katrina victim. but he doesnt brag about any of this because he doesnt care about race. he hires the best qualified. its what has helped make southaven a nice city.

    unlike travis childers who is a clear racist. travis is clearly projecting his own biggotry from some deep rooted psychological shortcoming from his past.

  7. Fred Says:

    Why are you people so ignorant. No wonder Mississippi is last in all good stats and first in all bad stats. Both of these candidates are boneheads and it is sad that this is how they run a campaign. Are they running for high school class president? You people suck.

  8. Leek the Other Way Says:

    Not a peep out of the CottonKiddieClub about this garbage. Why am I not surprised?

  9. Michelle Malkin » Dirty race-card tricks in Mississippi: The KKK ploy Says:

    […] (Image via Right of Mississippi) […]

  10. Dole Says:

    Ya, he obviously didn’t want to take the statue of the guy who founded an organization meant to strike fear in the hearts of black Southerners. Rather he merely said he wanted to take the statue of the guy who helped found a f*cking country built (at least partially) on the premise that black Southerners weren’t fully human. Much better!

  11. rightofmississippi Says:

    think what you want but you do realize that this flier is a lie. Wrong Mayor, Wrong Statue, Wrong Dead Guy, Wrong Tactics

  12. dwayne Says:

    Get over it righties! You’ve done worse and you know it so you can quit the sanctimonious act.

  13. rightofmississippi Says:

    We sure as heck have never engaged in anything like this. Do you read this blog?

  14. Bardwell Says:

    I don’t like my odds of civil discourse here, but let’s give it a shot.

    This is a ridiculous move. It’s politically suicidal and morally repugnant. And it appears to be factually ignorant.

    Having said that, how is it different from the Travis Childers-Jeremiah Wright stuff? Because the facts here are wrong? Aren’t the two connected by a common (and reprehensible) irrelevance?

  15. rightofmississippi Says:

    Ahh! BARDWELL!! Long time, you will get civil discourse from us as usual. Our main problem, besides the fact that it was last minute, racially targeted, and fear based is that it is false.

    The Obama Childers stuff was an ad that was on TV for all the world to see, Obama is the Democrats presumed nominee after all, if you thought it was racist then you were reading your own biases into it.

    This is very very clearly a fear based, race targeted GOTV strategy that is beyond reproach.

    I think there is a big difference here and I think that you recognize it as a low blow.

    We are close to on the same page here I think

  16. Bardwell Says:

    I think you’re right that we’re close on this, but I think both efforts were despicable. I just don’t see the distinction that you’re arguing. I mean, even if the DCCC flyer had been factually accurate (that Davis had lobbied to bring in a statute of a prominent Confederate leader), would that have changed the fact that the flyer was an exercise in race-baiting? Similarly, does the fact that Travis Childers really did “say nothing” about Jeremiah Wright change the fact that the ad was a clear attempt at race-baiting?

    In all fairness to Childers, it’s highly improbable (although not altogether impossible) that he knew anything about this before anyone else. The DCCC has been completely paranoid about staying away from Childers folks over the past three weeks. But that’s more or less irrelevant, except for the fact that the Jeremiah Wright ad was paid for the the Davis campaign (but doesn’t affect the race-baiting argument). But I digress.

  17. rightofmississippi Says:

    So now we officially have a who is more despicable argument. Never good for anyone.

    People have been drawing down on Davis for playing racial politics, I just want to see those folks eat crow, when it was their party that truly played it.

    Is that so bad?

  18. Bardwell Says:

    I think we can agree that both candidates have blood on their hands at this point. That much is undeniable.

  19. Bardwell Says:

    ROM, will you be liveblogging tonight? I want to give you a shout-out if you are.

  20. Tim Says:

    desoto county ran out of ballots. had 17,000 printed. then made 2,200 more. still ran out. conventional thinking would normally say this is a huge win for Davis. but nothing is conventional in this race.

  21. rightofmississippi Says:

    Not liveblogging, nervous as heck though.

  22. EnzoValenzetti Says:

    So, looks like Davis got pwned. Lol.

  23. […] Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee put out a sleazy flier against Republican Greg Davis in Mississippi that criticized the wrong man (Davis) for an alleged […]

  24. Matt D. Says:

    When are you lowering your percentage?

  25. bosdcla14 Says:

    The charge was true:


    But given the margin of victory, its doubtful the flyer made a difference.

  26. ann tyler Says:

    “desoto county ran out of ballots. had 17,000 printed. then made 2,200 more. still ran out. conventional thinking would normally say this is a huge win for Davis. but nothing is conventional in this race.”

    HUGE WIN??!!! Did you not keep up with the electon results tonight???


    I hardly think an 8000 vote lead OVER DAVIS is a huge win for DAVIS???


  27. rightofmississippi Says:

    Bardwell, help. Who are these jerks invading my site to gloat?

  28. […] Right Of Mississippi catches the DCCC playing the race card, and the folks who keep telling us the Left is smarter then everyone else get it wrong   […]

  29. […] Right Of Mississippi catches the DCCC playing the race card, and the folks who keep telling us the Left is smarter then everyone else get it wrong […]

  30. […] I see that Our Lady of the Concentration Camps is saying that the Democrats distributed flyers incorrectly stating that the Republican’t candidate wanted to honor the founder of the KKK. […]

  31. nonracist Says:

    of course it was racist for davis to do what he did…he is white and all whites are racist…

    blacks are sweet, special, and above the rest of you. deal with it. blacks should be allowed special rights no one else has because we were once slaves…my great grand pa had to pick cotton…FOR FREE!! he did not even get paid.

    don’t you think you should pay me for it? i do..GIVE ME, GIVE ME, GIVE ME.

  32. Lyn Says:

    What a flyer. Get a good look at the two black people on it. See those faces? Nothing but contempt and self-righteous hatred of Whites.

    Blacks are disgusting. The least important minority that thinks they own every square inch of America and think they always have the moral high ground. Hypocrites.

  33. John Says:

    That’s dirty.

    Funniest comment so far “This is the most offensive piece of trash I have ever laid eyes on in a campaign.”

    Look harder. There’s been far worse. William Winter might show you the ones they defeated him with early in his career. (He recovered)

  34. rightofmississippi Says:

    Well since we started paying attention it is the worst, for the purposes of full disclosure.

  35. BarneyFife Says:

    look at what Travis’s Freinds are up to now The Prentiss County Supervisors are Insane

    This should Scare you if you live in Prentiss County
    This was in our local paper The Banner Independent written as The Editors Veiw dated May 15 2008 and you should read this and take heed ,Our Supervisors just got a raise and IMO are overpaid as it is… Will you sit and let them keep stealing from us ?



    It seems ‘curious’ that the Prentiss County Board of Supervisors have suddenly taken a deep interest in the duties of the Tax Asses­sor’s office.

    As many of you know, all the counties of Mississippi must have a reappraisal complet­ed before July, 2009.

    The State Tax Commission has been working closely with respective counties in trying to find qualified personnel to carry out these reappraisal activities.

    The supervisors had had several bids sub­mitted to them regarding the pending reap­praisal work.

    Then, suddenly, at a recent board meeting, the supervisors decided to reject all the bids and had already hired an individual of their own choosing to carry out the reappraisal work – with help from the tax assessor’s of­fice, of course.

    The measure is to supposedly save money.

    Tax Assessor Steve Eaton said he was sur­prised that this has taken place, especially since he had already negotiated some of the huge bids downward in getting some quali­fied firm to do this mandated work.

    Eaton said the supervisors never discussed the issue of hiring their own person to do the work and was surprised that they came to this conclusion without any of his input.

    It would seem the least die board could have done was to consult with Eaton. After all, it is one of the duties of his office to see that appraisals are conducted correctly, and according to law.

    Eaton won’t go on record as saying whether or not the supervisors can justifiably do this themselves but is waiting for data from the State Tax Commissioner’s office.

    Since the reappraisal concerns absolutely anyone who owns property in Prentiss County, it might behoove concerned citizens to attend meetings and ask questions.

    Very littie of the issue has been discussed in an open meeting and the hiring of the reappraisal individual was not done at any open meeting attended by representatives of this newspaper. We could not get the salary figure this person will receive to determine any savings.

    We have also been told that once the as­sessed valuation of this county reaches a cer­tain plateau, that the supervisors would qual­ify for another salary raise.

  36. meinprentiss Says:

    Barney – no one really cares about what the supervisors in Prentiss County are doing. They operate no different than other county supervisors.

  37. BarneyFife Says:

    You mean ALL county supervisors all over Mississippi are crooks also? Because I would have to think most are Honest ,I dont think that most supervisors are as crooked and lowdown as the Prentiss County Mafia with *DA BOSS *Langston in charge,and Travis* LIPS*as second in command

  38. BarneyFife Says:

    Oh Goggle my site to see more on the Supervisors THE PRENTISS COUNTY VOICE

  39. MS Choctaw Says:


  40. meinprentiss Says:

    I’ve been to your site and am not impressed. You have a one-track mind – “all about Booneville”. If you are so against the government of Prentiss County, then run for office. Travis does not deserve half the comments you have made and I am proud he is getting sworn in today. Don’t worry, I won’t be commenting anymore, you are not worth my time.

  41. BarneyFife Says:

    Well a Safe Honest Prentiss County is worth my time ,So you do just what you are doing hide and deny that there is a problem In Prentiss County You along with the likes of Travis and his Criminal freinds will continue to see me write and object to the crimes I see commited against my neignbors,I saw Joey for what he was BEFORE he was found out and I am saying Travis is a crook also and there will come a day just as I was proven right about Joey ,I will be proven right about Travis and the Supervisors ..RUN ,HIDE ,DENY ,, Im not leaving or going away so my freind as a famous man once said “See you in the Funny Paper”

  42. […] To our knowledge Travis Childers has yet to denounce the racist flyer used on his behalf. […]

  43. […] of Mississippi broke the release of this mail piece by the Democratic Congressional Campaign […]

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