Well Dang

Our guy lost tonight, here at ROM we think that Mississippians elected the wrong guy to the House of Representatives today.

Here at ROM there are No Regrets, No Excuses, No Posts edited but there are a bunch of liberal out of state wackos that had nothing to do with this race coming here to gloat, which has ticked us off.

We take our lumps and move on, thanks to Will Bardwell, Alan Lange at Y’all Politics, MS First District Blog, Conservativebelle and yes even sometimes Cottonmouth and the rest who contributed to the debate in a positive manner.

Our race predicting score took a hit tonight, although we never did enter an official prediction on the race we thought it was too close to call, and back in early April we didn’t think that Childers had a chance.

Therefore we will voluntarily assume that we had predicted a Davis victory, we were off by 8 percentage points dropping out overall average accuracy in predictions to 88.44%

Now if these fly by night commenters could learn how to be gentlemen we would be allright.


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12 Comments on “Well Dang”

  1. BarneyFife Says:

    Its not really over till NOV ,till that point Travis has lots of time to prove what I think will show the people of Mississippi the true theif and liar he really is , In the next few months he will show that he is no more than a payed flunky for an elite rich few . I have said it before and will again Travis can,will and has been payed for by these few and I assure everyone his true colors (yellow )will rise to the top for all to see,,,,,,,,,,

  2. Dana Says:

    “Paid for”, you spaghetti slurping cretin. “Payed for”? Why is it that Rethugs have such horrible grammar and spelling? Is the GW Bush senility contagious?

    If the Republican Party drops its anti-gay, anti-science, the world is 6000 years old, misogynistic, anti-immigrant, war! war! war!, Obama is a muslim crap then maybe they’ll eventually get some voters back. Republican Party should have put GW Bush’s head on a pike a long, long time ago, but you screwed the pooch and let idiots, people who torture POWs and cretins ruin your party. Now you are done.

    Hint: Stop listening to talk radio and use your own mind to think with, not the diseased Hannity Limbaugh Reagan one you’ve been borrowing for many years.

    Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

    (NOT the goddammed Homeland)

  3. Dana Says:

    PS – I’m laughing at the “superior” intellect you people think you have. You’ve managed to kill off Saddam while abandoning Afghanistan, spend 12bN $ a month in wasted cash, run the value of the dollar into the ground, make torture a policy of the USA for the first time in history and yoy have two freaks running the Executive Branch, but you can’t shut the people who used to vote Republican and now just want to be rid of you up.




    Don’t go away mad, just go away.

  4. Pug Says:

    I’m one of those fly by night commenters and I have to say that doen’t sound like the Barney Fife I knew.

    I sure hope Andy still has the bullet in his shirt pocket.

  5. meinprentiss Says:

    Barney, he will prove you wrong.

  6. southernbelle Says:


    How hard is it for you to accept the fact that your guy lost? I have watched the posts on this site for months and even now you are still spitting venom. Bottom Line: The negative attack ads were started by Greg Davis and the Republican Party and in the end the GOOD GUY came out on top! After all the negative blogs you should realize your importance and influence in this election…you have none…So accept defeat! You people are very sore losers. And as far as barneyfife….he is an embarrassment to prentiss county! Maybe he should move to southaven where davis will continue to be mayor for the next several years! I am very proud of Travis and can’t wait to read your reactions after our upcoming victory in november!

  7. So Smart Says:

    “you spaghetti slurping cretin”

    Nothing like some good name calling to bolster that intellectual image you try to portray; seems to me you just have a limited vocabulary.

    Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  8. Barry Says:

    You called us a “bunch of liberal out of state wackos”; how gentlemanly. It’s silly to say the other candidate has NO chance just because you don’t like them.

  9. KingMaker Says:

    Am I the only one that thinks this Dana chick would be fun at a party?

    She’s right about one thing, there are a lot of folks out there that used to be die hard Republicans that won’t vote for McCain in Nov. They are called true conservatives.

    I fear that the liberal Republicans in the white house now (Bush and Chaney) have really set us back for a few years.

    We will continue to suffer losses until we turn back to our conservative roots.

    What is funny is that Dana doesn’t realize that Bush is about as liberal as she is, just in slightly different ways.

  10. wompum Says:

    I think Dana needs some Summer’s Eve for both ends. Do her mouth first though.

  11. rightofmississippi Says:

    Yeah yeah we lost and we were WAY off in the beginning of the race, we accept it, our conventional wisdom betrayed us.

    We get it.

  12. Luke Says:

    KingMaker: good one. Yeah, Bush is REALLY a liberal that true conservatives like you have been opposing all along…..SURE.

    Don’t try to pass Bush over to us liberals. We’ve been yelling about his crimes and idiocy for almost eight years now, and all you “true conservatives” were willing to do about it is to vote AGAIN for Bush in 2004 and label our righteous anger as “Bush Derangement Syndrome.” Oh wait, perhaps once or twice you wrote a half-hearted blog comment about how outraged you were by No Child Left Behind, or the prescription drug bill, which was then promptly followed by further unconditional support for Bush and his Republican enablers.

    Tell me what concrete steps you have actually taken in the last eight years to oppose Bush’s alleged “liberalism” and you may begin to have the makings of a point, rather than a laughable attempt to pawn off at the last minute the least popular president in history that YOU supported every step of the way. The fact is that almost every supposed “conservative” sold their souls to the Republican Party years ago, and the only “true” conservatives who ACTUALLY opposed Bush were vilified as liberals, traitors, RINOS, etc.

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