And Ronnie Don’t Pay His Taxes Either

From Y’all Politics:

Documents show former Governor turned U.S. Senate candidate Ronnie Musgrove was stuck with a hefty fine after refusing to pay his payroll taxes for his employees.

During his failed re-election bid in 2003, Musgrove neglected to pay payroll taxes for his campaign employees. In August of 2005, a Notice of Federal Tax Lien was issued to the Ronnie Musgrove campaign in the amount of $73,739.12.

“Ronnie Musgrove’s failed administration of his campaign operations is reflective of his failed administration as Governor. He left a tax hole in his campaign and left Mississippi in a budget hole of more than $700 million,” said Mississippi Republican Party Executive Director Brad White.

“Ronnie Musgrove has proven he can’t be trusted to legally manage his campaign’s business, and he failed to successfully manage Mississippi’s business, so why would we entrust him with our Nation’s business?” asked White.

In August of 2007, Musgrove finally saw fit to pay his taxes, which was easy for him to do since he banked $265,771.03 in his campaign account from 2003.

“Ronnie Musgrove’s only excuse to this snafu is incompetence,” said White.

MSGOP Press Release


Notice of Federal Tax Lien
Release of Federal Tax Lien

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One Comment on “And Ronnie Don’t Pay His Taxes Either”

  1. Buddy Says:

    “Ronnie Musgrove’s only excuse to this snafu is incompetence,” said White.

    I don’t think he is incomptent, I think he is arrogant. He didn’t want to pay his taxes because he wanted that money to spend on his campaign, or take home if he lost. He ended up taking it home. Eventually, it appears, the feds came knocking on his door and he had to pay up. August 2007….sounds like when investigators were probing around for evidence to present to the grand jury for beef plant indictments. I bet Ronnie’s lawyers told him to take care of his tax failures before the federal prosecutors used that to drag him into it!

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