Cue Musgrove Freak Out

So the Ronnie Musgrove for Senate Campaign has been in a tizzie over the order of offices on the November ballot. Last week a press release from the campaign complained that the Musgrove-Wicker special election might be placed at the bottom of the ballot (where special elections usually go) and be ignored by “tens of thousands of voters.” Musgrove’s campaign said Musgrove’s “race is the most prominent in the state” but “it may receive the least attention on Election Day.” The campaign urged Democrats to call the Secretary of State and make sure this didn’t happen. Of course, if voters choose to ignore Musgrove, that is nobody’s fault but his. Also, ain’t it funny that Musgrove wants “to change a broken system in Washington” but he insults all the local campaigns at the bottom of the ballot by acting like they are not important. He has already bought into Washington thinking. The school board members and election commissioners and judges we elect are important to our communities. Musgrove might think his is the only race of importance, but he is wrong. His Washington DC campaign staff wants him at the top of the ballot to take advantage of what they are hoping will be an Obama turnout, but Sid Salter suggests that might not happen anyway.

Hey Washington guys! In Mississippi, being at the bottom doesn’t mean it isn’t important. We put our Constitutional amendments at the bottom (like Defense of Marriage). Our Constitution is more important than any candidate.

An agenda for tomorrow’s State Election Commission meeting (Gov Barbour, Secretary Hosemann, AG Hood) shows the following meeting items: 1) Call to Order 2) Approval of minutes 3) Wilkinson County registrar 4) Review and approval of General Election candidate qualifications (President, Senate, Congressional, Judicial) 5) Review and approval of Special Election candidate qualifications (Senate, Judicial) 6) Approval of names on Sample Ballot 7) Adjournment

We already know what Jim Hood thinks. Stay tuned to see how this shakes out. Maybe they’ll be at the top; maybe at the bottom….

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