As predicted, Musgrove freaks

And scene. The Mississippi Election Commission approved the sample ballot placing the Musgrove-Wicker special election at the bottom of the ballot, where all special elections go. The left loonies are going nuts. Musgrove’s campaign is freaking out. DailyKos, the left wing standard, is carrying Musgrove’s Washington rhetoric.  Here is Musgrove’s press release as published at DK.

Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann today presented an unlawful sample ballot which buries the special US Senate race between Governor Ronnie Musgrove and interim US Senator Roger Wicker.  The ballot was approved by Governor Haley Barbour.

Hosemann buried the Musgrove-Wicker race below all local races near the bottom of the ballot.

Hosemann could cite no statue supporting his decision to move the race from the top of the ballot.  However, Attorney General Jim Hood did cite election law requiring federal races be placed at the top of the ballot.

“We will win this election no matter where the Secretary of State puts it on the ballot,” Tim Phillips, Musgrove for Senate campaign manager said.  “But this is about the law and they don’t get to make up their own laws.”

The unlawful ballot is expected to cause confusion for voters expecting to find the Musgrove-Wicker race with other federal elections where it belongs.  The most prominent election in the state will be one of the hardest races to find on Election Day.  

Mississippi election law, code 23-15-367, clearly states federal races, like the Musgrove-Wicker race, belong on the top of the ballot.

Unlawful sample ballot? Acting without support? Making up their own laws? It sounds like chaos! Run for the hills, the Republicans have declared martial law! The end is near. Come on guys. You’re sounding desperate. I don’t know where y’all have run other campaigns before coming to work for Ronnie Musgrove, but Mississippians are not stupid. And we prefer a higher level of discourse here.  Consider, below, Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann’s conclusion on this matter:

The Office of Secretary of State has devoted many hours researching the ballot order for the 2008 General Election.   Our office has researched not only the applicable Mississippi statutes, but also prior opinions of the Attorney General, and minutes of prior meetings of the State Board of Election Commissioners.

According to Miss. Code Ann § 23-15-511, State statute requires all general election candidates be “clearly distinguished” from special election candidates.  In 1990, 1991, and 1992, all special elections were at the end of the ballot.  In 2002, 2004, and 2006, former Secretary of State Eric Clark stated the order of the ballot should be as follows (1) U.S. Senate, (2) U.S. House of Representatives, (3) Regular School Board and School Board Trustee elections, (4) Nonpartisan Judicial Elections, (5) Constitutional Amendments, and (6) Special Elections (other than special non partisan judicial elections).    

“Miss. Code Ann § 23-15-367 requires the Secretary of State to prepare the sample ballot.  The Governor has the right to approve the ballot,” says Secretary Hosemann.  “The Governor was presented with two ballots by the Secretary of State.  As provided by statutory law, Governor Barbour approved the sample ballot attached, clearly distinguishing the Senate Race for the unexpired term.  Mississippi voting law was followed.” 

Seventy-nine of Mississippi’s 82 counties use electronic voting machines.  If a Mississippi voter overlooks a particular race on the ballot, or simply chooses not to vote in a particular race, the voter will have to decide not to vote in that race three times before their ballot is cast.  The skipped race is clearly distinguished in red from the races in which a vote was cast, which is distinguished in blue. 

Furthermore, to address concerns of a ‘drop-off’ of voters, after reviewing the institution of electronic voting and the 2004 Federal Election and the 2007 Statewide Election, there was not a significant decrease in votes from the beginning of the ballot to the end of the ballot and in one particular race, actually increased vote totals. 

“We believe Mississippi voters are capable to read through the entire ballot.  To suggest otherwise disrespects the voter,” says Secretary Hosemann.  “The People of the State of Mississippi will determine the results of this election as they have every other election.”

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2 Comments on “As predicted, Musgrove freaks”

  1. jojo again Says:

    I think that Musgrove has certainly picked the wrong fight here. The law is far from clear and in fact it looks like the laws a contradictory. But not quite, looks to me like the fact that the race is a “special election” supercedes the fact that it is a federal election.

    It’s about time that MS started following the law. Funny how the liberal blogs are tryinig to demonize Haley and Delbert for following the law.

  2. Sharon Sarver Says:

    I truly believe that the reason Mississippi has been voting Republican since President Carter is because of the “dirty little tricks” the Republicans have been playing these past years since President Carter………the ugly realization is that the citizens of Mississippi are basically honest people and most don’t see past the blatant lies told them by the Republicans.

    The citizens have forgotten that the Democrat party works for the hard working citizens. The Republican party works for the massive profit making large corporations.

    The Republicans tout that without the businesses there would be no jobs. They are forgetting that without the Democrats there would be no workers to produce the products to sell.

    The middle class working citizens are slaves to the large corporations just as history used those without riches as slaves, all over the world. It’s time to turn that around. Even the small farmer who in the past used to be able to earn a living by producing the foods everyone ate, have been pushed aside. When the Republicans realized they could mass produce foods and put the small farmer out of business, they jumped at the opportunity and even confiscated their lands through convincing bad loans as well as egress and other means. Large corporations are still using this practice of growth.

    People need to look at the smaller chain grocery stores that tout the employees own the store. Those stores do well and the profits ‘trickle’ right down to the dinner table of those who shop in employee owned stores.

    The days of slavery must be put in it’s place of history. It’s not relevant to our growth of a United States of America.

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