Musgrove Looks to Green to $ave Him (& Barbour responds)

Thanks to Alan at Y’all Politics for posting the pdf showing the $2500 in-kind contribution from Ronnie Musgrove to the judge now deciding his ballot lawsuit. Musgrove’s freaking out continues. Oh, and the contributions to the judge from Scruggs and Bennie Thompson on the same page as Musgrove, well, that’s just gravy.

Meanwhile, Governor Barbour has issue a statement on the 2008 ballot:

Since 2002, two different Governors and two different Secretaries of State from both political parties have approved ballots placing special elections at the end of the ballot. When Democrats say this dispute is about politics, they are right. Democratic Attorney General Jim Hood and his surrogates continue to play politics with one of the fundamental rights we have as citizens: the right to vote.

When Democrat Eric Clark was Secretary of State, the sample ballots he prepared in 2002, 2004 and 2006 included special elections at the end of the sample ballot. In each of those years, Secretary Clark also included specific instructions to the county election commissioners that special elections should be placed at the end of the ballot. Then-Governor Ronnie Musgrove approved the 2002 sample ballot prepared by Secretary Clark. I approved the 2004 and 2006 sample ballots prepared by Secretary Clark.

Now, Republican Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann has taken exactly the same position as his Democratic predecessor. My position on the placement of special elections on the ballot has remained the same. I approved the sample ballots prepared by Eric Clark and Delbert Hosemann, both with special elections at the end of the ballot.

So it seems the Democrats are complaining about putting the Musgrove-Wicker special election at the bottom of the ballot; but, Musgrove himself approved placement of a special election at the bottom of the ballot in 2002. The freak out continues.

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