Will defendants argue for illegal elections?

The Mississippi Republican Party has sued the Leflore County Election Commission and their Southeast Greenwood Precinct poll manager. It turns out during the November election, there were people at this precinct walking voters to the machines and telling them who to vote for. That isn’t assistance, that is coercion and intimidation. If you aren’t outraged, consider that vote may have canceled your vote out.

The best part of this lawsuit is that the Republicans are not seeking penalties, they are not seeking a re-vote. All they want is the Court to order that these illegal activities not be done in the future. So if they happen again in Leflore County, anyone interested in fair elections can take the order to local law enforcement and have it enforced. Who can defend against that?

Will the defendants say, “If it pleases the Court, we object and wish to continue our illegal elections”? If the defendants are smart (I’ll withhold judgement), they will try to just agree to the suit without admitting their misdeeds.  After all, who doesn’t want fair elections? That question will be answered by how the Leflore County Election Commission and the precinct manager’s lawyers respond. If they fight against this, they are fighting against fair and legal elections. They will be fighting for illegal activities at the polling place.

Y’all Politics has the Republican press release and supporting documents.

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