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Taking Voter ID to the Street

January 26, 2009

Republican Chairman Brad White and Senate Judiciary Chairman Joey Fillingane appeared on Jackson’s WAPT this morning to discuss an iniative to bypass the House to get photo Voter ID in Mississippi approved directly by the voters. It will take 80K+ signatures from all over the state to get it on the ballot. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about this in the coming months.

Presley’s Dirty Money

January 22, 2009

We all know that Jim Hood is up to his mullet in Scruggs-Langston-Balducci-Patterson money.  And of course Speaker McCoy’s political action committee was dishing out these dollars to legislators. But now that we find Brandon Presley working so closely with Hood and McCoy, we thought we’d take a look into his campaign finance reports. Low and behold $11,500 from Steve Patterson, convicted felon. And $5000 from Timothy Balducci, convicted felon. There is an additional $18,000 from other members of the Patterson-Balducci law firm. And for good measure, lets mention the $5000 from Richard Scruggs, convicted felon, to bring the total just shy of $40,000.

Dos de Scruggs

January 8, 2009

Holbrook Mohr writes an excellent recap of Scruggs II for the Associated Press (hattip folo). The new characters, cast for this performance by Joey Langston, include former Hinds County District Attorney Ed Peters and Hinds Circuit Judge Bobby DeLaughter. Returning from the previous franchise will once again be Dickie Scruggs, former Mississippi Auditor Steve Patterson and New Albany attorney Timothy Balducci.

Balducci and Patterson have been cooperating with federal investigators and await sentencing.

A lot of people tracked down interesting connections between this gang and elected officials in the first Scruggs case.  It will be interesting to see who else has political or financial ties to Balducci and Patterson and the others that comes out this time around.