Presley’s Dirty Money

We all know that Jim Hood is up to his mullet in Scruggs-Langston-Balducci-Patterson money.  And of course Speaker McCoy’s political action committee was dishing out these dollars to legislators. But now that we find Brandon Presley working so closely with Hood and McCoy, we thought we’d take a look into his campaign finance reports. Low and behold $11,500 from Steve Patterson, convicted felon. And $5000 from Timothy Balducci, convicted felon. There is an additional $18,000 from other members of the Patterson-Balducci law firm. And for good measure, lets mention the $5000 from Richard Scruggs, convicted felon, to bring the total just shy of $40,000.

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3 Comments on “Presley’s Dirty Money”

  1. Mike Says:

    They obviously had plans for Presley, but they went to jail, so it isn’t as if he is beholden to them anymore.

  2. RoM Says:

    The total is actually $39,500.

  3. C.G. Says:

    Presley acts like he can be trusted to regulate our utilities. He should do the right thing and return that dirty money. I want accountability in our elected officials, not the taint of corruption.

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