Taking Voter ID to the Street

Republican Chairman Brad White and Senate Judiciary Chairman Joey Fillingane appeared on Jackson’s WAPT this morning to discuss an iniative to bypass the House to get photo Voter ID in Mississippi approved directly by the voters. It will take 80K+ signatures from all over the state to get it on the ballot. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about this in the coming months.

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One Comment on “Taking Voter ID to the Street”

  1. calo Says:

    I’m a Republican, but do not support voter ID cards. An ID card can be fraudulently created by criminals, just like a fake driver’s license can be created. This looks suspiciously like the whole federal voter ID program, which I am also opposed to. Bottom line, these ideas are an invasion of privacy. Voters need to be required to show their driver’s license or State ID card when showing up to vote. Voter fraud is successful because people with fraudulent intent not only show up to vote, but are sometimes the very people checking IDs before voting.

    Electronic voting is also open to fraud, and machines used for automatic tallying need to be regularly serviced by a neutral person or persons before each election to ensure the machine tallies accurately. The same neutral person should not be used every time a machine is tested.

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