Jamie Franks vs Barbara Blackmon

In 2003, then State Senator Barbara Blackmon was the Democratic Party’s nominee for lieutenant governor. In 2007, then State Representative Jamie Franks was the Democratic Party’s nominee for lieutenant governor. They both lost. Today, Jamie Franks is Chairman and Barbara Blackmon is Vice-Chairman of Mississippi Democrats. Two Dems enter; one Dem leaves. The battle has begun.

The Democrats met recently and hired Sam Hall to be executive director and turned away Ike Brown from rejoining their leadership committee. Then while most people in Jackson were partying at Mals St. Paddy’s Day Parade, the Democrats met again and revoked Sam Hall’s hiring and allowed Ike Brown to join the committee. Jamie Franks was out of town and did not attend the meeting.

Chairman Jamie Franks says everything that happened at the meeting is null and void and orchestrated by a “rogue, radical group.” He says Sam Hall is executive director and Ike Brown is not on the committee.

Vice-Chairman Barbara Blackmon says the meeting was legal and binding. She says Sam Hall never was executive director and that while she is not a supporter of Ike Brown, he is on the committee.

WLBT covered it on their 5pm and 6pm reports today.

Chairman Jamie Franks takes a direct shot at his Vice Chairman, “We’re supposed to be the party of the big tent, not the party of Barbara Blackmon and Ike Brown.”

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6 Comments on “Jamie Franks vs Barbara Blackmon”

  1. C.G. Says:

    Two trial lawyers duking it out. Nice. They should make it interesting and put their clients up as the prize for the victor and really make it interesting.

  2. Ken Says:

    My money is on Franks. I think he wins. But even if he does, it is at such a cost, I’d hate to try to run that party afterward.

  3. Ellen Jernigan Says:

    Just let them duke it out and see who wins. No matter who the winner is – Franks or Blackburn, it will be bloody and nasty…..Just let them go after each other and maybe they both will get hit in the eye.

    Two Trail Lawyers – what a shame! Could not happen to two better Democrats.

  4. Ellen Jernigan Says:

    looks like I can not spell. Trial not trail!!!!!!!
    oh, well! hope it works anyway…. Thanks, Ellen

  5. Big Bill Says:

    Now why can’t you white folks recognize that your time is over? Blacks with Mexican, Asian and Jewish help are going to have to Democratic party to themselves and you just aren’t going to have any say about it.

    Your women aborted your babies and won’t even stay home and suckle the one infant of yours they had. They hire colored women to do that.

    As my man Yasser Arafat said, “Demographics is Destiny”, so just shut up, sit down, stop gasping for breath, keep your nose to the grindstone, keep paying those taxes and stop whining. Its just flat embarrassing for the rest of us to watch such a proud (if sterile and dying) race to snivel so.

  6. […] Mississippi Democratic Party nemesis Chairman Jamie Franks has his own problems. But now, the guy she tried to force out as executive director has left, or sort of left. Sam Hall posted on his personal web log. This week […]

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