Eric Stringfellow vs Jamie Franks

Eric Stringfellow wades into the clashing waters of the Mississippi Democratic Party in his April 20 Clarion Ledger column. He brings some more information about those infamous meetings and also asks some questions of Jamie Franks.

In some quarters the Democratic Party of Mississippi’s focus this spring has been more on entertainment than politics, which is regretable…The Party, under Jamie Franks’ leadership, appears to be in disarray.

The squabble seems to have its roots in the March 6 meeting and how Hall was selected. Some said he was chosen on a secret ballot, which they say is not allowed under party rules. And new members of the Executive Committee were not seated before the vote, meaning they were not allowed to participate in the election. That doesn’t seem right. Worse, despite questions about the ballots, Executive Committee members claim Franks has not allowed the ballots to be inspected.

Franks did not respond to a telephone message left at Democratic Party headquarters.

Some committee members also claim the Franks administration ignored the party’s constitution in selecting its executive vice chair, a position created to help maintain that racial balance among the leadership. Franks’ choice for this position was white Hispanic male. These moves followed the ouster of the party’s African-American executive director, who was replaced by a white male.

What is his vision for th party? What does he hope to gain by alienating the party’s base? Is the party’s history of power sharing among African Americans and whites history?

After reading this, my question is, can we really trust Democrats to participate in fair elections if they allegedly do trickery inside their own meetings?

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