Bill Luckett calls Delta Independents, Republicans “racists”

Bill Luckett, an attorney and owner of of the Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale, has opened the “Progress for Mississippi” PAC to get ready to run for Governor. In not the best way to start a campaign, he has said anyone in the Delta who is not a Democrat is a racist.

“You can’t have grown up in the Mississippi Delta with any kind of sensitivity or any kind of feelings and not come out of that aligned with the Democratic Party, unless you’re just a racist or something,” Luckett said.

He also has aligned himself with President Barack Obama. Intentionaly linking himself to National Democrats is another foolish mistake for a Mississippi Democrat looking to reach the necessary conservative Democrats it would take to win.

Luckett said he voted for President Barack Obama and supports most of Obama’s efforts to get the economy back on track.

“He is making some smart decisions, but they’re risky,” Luckett said.

Not a good way to launch your campaign.

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15 Comments on “Bill Luckett calls Delta Independents, Republicans “racists””

  1. Speaker of THIS House Says:

    Nice way to spin Luckett’s comments. Too bad Fox ain’t hiring; you are an astute student of their ilk!

    • I hear Fox is hiring. From what I see on this blog, you would qualify. Have you heard of defamation of character?

      • JS Says:

        I have heard of “defamation of character” and my understanding is that it would have to be untrue to meet the standard of its definition.

        I also have observed your apparent confusion. I have inferred (possibly incorrectly) that you take exception to these anti-Bill comments yet you honor the author with the suggestion that they may be worthy of being Fox news contributors.

  2. […] CL story has added some quotes, and Right of Mississippi was the first one to find this, where Luckett praises Obama and calls Republicans and Independents […]

  3. rightofmississippi Says:

    I’m sorry, Mr. Speaker. How would you defend those comments? This guy seems to think if you don’t think like he does, then you are some kind of heartless, unfeeling, uncompassionate, racist. Otherwise, you’re a Democrat. Did you read that differently? If so, post your comments.

  4. Donna54 Says:

    Mississippians, BLACK AND WHITE, will be wise to kick both Luckett and Freeman to the curve. They both sound like major “whores” and will bring nothing but shame and disgust to the region. MORGAN FREEMAN already has with his whorish antics (he’s also screwing his so-called business partner Lori McCreary). It would be interesting to hear what his former wife Myrna-Colley Lee would have to say about BOTH of them pimps (Freeman and Luckett). Freeman thinks because he has money he can hook up with a white Mississippian and “preach” and insult the citizens of Mississippi. They need to run his black behind up a Confederate Flag Pole – LOL!

    And for someone who was on TV in front of Mike Wallace saying the way to end “racism” is to quit talking about it–Freeman sure talks about it a lot and even made a documentary about it. Now he’s in Canada running off at the mouth about race–liar!

    No–Mississippians–it’s time to put those TWO OLD WHORES to rest. And quit supporting Ground Zero and their restaurant Madidi–Ground Zero isn’t anything but a whores’ den for old, old black men and old, old, confederate white women.

    • Linda Blair Says:

      it’s CURB, not curve. guess you are an example of Mississippi being 50th in education. good luck!

    • Anthony Says:

      Hey Donna. You know that comment Luckett made about conservatives being racist? You just proved him right.

      • Ron Says:

        What an idiot Donna54 is. ‘curve’ for ‘curb’..I consider myself a conservative (but don’t play that party label stuff). But,’re wrong also. He didn’t call ‘conservatives’ racist. He said anyone not aligned with the Democratic party out of the Delta. Let’s not twist his words, please.

  5. […] that hasn’t been an aspect in statewide politics for decades, as well as his own accusation that independents and Republicans are somehow “racists” because of his personal experiences regarding racial issues in the […]

  6. Bobby Kearan Says:

    I believe that I would ‘defend’ those comments by pointing out that they are the Truth. “aligned with the democratic party” does not mean “a Democrat.” At most, it means you’d vote Democrat over Republican – which a lot of independents will.
    No matter how angry or foul-mouthed you get, Truth remains true. You can’t shout it down, shout it out or cover it up – at least for very long.
    Republicans are a party of Rich, White, hateful, bitter people. (as comments here have proven) Those who are not rich and white, are deluded by the few reasonable platforms ‘conservatives’ have.

  7. JS Says:

    Bill Luckett.. Governor? Is this a joke???
    This man can’t even come up with a policy to protect his staff and patrons from sexual predators in his own little juke joint in Clarksdale, MS (Ground Zero). How can he possibly handle any state policy.

    The joke around Clarksdale is “let’s vote him in and get him outa town”.

    Racist??? Bill’s is just proving his ignorance with that chicken “stuff”. Bill, did y’all happen to know that it was a Republican that freed the slaves? Did (you know that any policy that even smelled of racism was championed by only Democrats?

    Bill, Go ahead. Keep running. It will be entertaining to see the alleged Sex and Drugs antics of you and Morgan come to light but y’all know you won’t be getting my vote.

  8. Clarksdale Native Says:

    Bill Luckett loves married women. He thinks he is a real ladies man. He is not someone you want to leave you wife alone with. Poor Francine.

  9. Bill Luckett loves Bill Luckett and wants to be married to Morgan Freeman. There simply isn’t enough money in backwater Clarksdale, no matter how much plastic hype they slap on it to be a “Blues Mecca”, to support Mr. Luckett’s ambition so ‘ol Morgan is the only hope he’s got. Morgan calls the tune and Bill shuffles. Francine can have the contractor, just like she did when married to Reeves Neblett, Bill doesn’t need her. He has Morgan and his mirror to keep him busy.

  10. Van (Bubba) Burnham III Says:

    Bill is a guy, and a great guy I have known for most of my life. He is a good friend of mine and my entire family — dating back to the days of his father, Bill, Sr., a lawyer and my father, Dr. Van R. Burnham, Jr. Bill wants what he thinks is best for our area. Unfortunately though, he speaks from the wrong side of the aisle — the left. I am opposed to him on most political issues, but still respect him and will always call him a friend. Friendship is much more important than politics, and because of this, I donated a good bit of money to his campaign, which never fully materialized. I’ve learned that you can have friends — good friends at that — and you can politically disagree with. But I’m smart enough to know that a difference in fundamental politics wouldn’t make for a healthy marriage! Bottom line is that friendship is much more important than political differences. I might be crazy, and I know I’m crazy about Big Bill!

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