Interesting sign that the GOP is on the comeback trail nationally Kelly Ayotte expected to run for US Senate in NH

We usually don’t cover national politics here at ROM but NH Attorney General Kelly Ayotte is expected to run for Senate in New Hampshire and that is big news for the GOP as a whole, the fact that polling must be starting to show a path to victory and that begins to bring out the top tier recruits like Ayotte who usually only run when they know they can win.  Ayotte is a moderate Republican with sterling bipartisan credentials.

From Huffington Post “Ayotte would be a dream candidate for the GOP in NH, which has seen every GOP seat since 2006 in play from Republican to Democrat (former Sen. Sununu now Sen. Shaheen, former Rep. Bradley now Rep. Shea-Porter, Former Rep. Bass now Rep. Rep. Paul Hodes.)  Another poignant issue: AG Kelly Ayotte has young children and huge popularity in the state. She won’t run if she doesn’t think she can win — and it increasingly looks like she may run.”

When opportunity presents itself it is too late for preparation.


Could Republicans find a savior in N.H.?

Kelly Ayotte Dream Candidate for the GOP

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