Stimulating the PSC: Big Government Even Bigger

In July, RoM bemoanedthat even during a recession, big government fans sought to increase this size of the Mississippi Public Service Commission. You will remember that their efforts to grow government actually threatened to derail Mississippi’s budget negotiations, forced the furlough of state employees (who ended up getting paid anyway), and necessitated an additional special session to clear things up.

Republicans in the Senate compromised by allowing the PSC to redefine the responsibilities of vacant jobs.  The PSC did not get any additional staff, but they could – for example – fill a secretary’s slot with an attorney, or an assistant’s position with an accountant.

At the time RoM said, “Don’t think that it is only Washington DC that loves big government.” Oh, but Washington DC does love big government, and decided to get involved in the Mississippi PSC.

The Mississippi Public Service Commission (PSC) will receive $824,901 in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds, according to Congressman Travis Childers (D-Miss.). With this ARRA funding, the PSC will create and provide training for five new positions, three electric policy experts and two support staff positions.

The good news then is, since the PSC received three new positions last year and now an additional five from the stimulus, maybe they won’t try to expand their size and role this coming legislative session.  But when it comes to big government advocates, it never helps to feed the beast, it just gets hungrier.

The Stimulus Package: making government bigger for all of us.

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