Mississippi Democrats Switch to GOP

Today at the Mississippi Republican Party, several Mississippi elected officials (mostly from Simpson County) announced they were leaving the Democratic Party and becoming Republicans.

  • 13th Circuit District Attorney Eddie Bowen (Smith, Jasper, Simpson, Covington Counties)
  • Sheriff Kenneth Lewis (Simpson County)
  • Supervisor Mickey Berry (Simpson County)
  • Justice Court Judge Eugene Knight (Simpson County)
  • Constable Dan Easterling (Simpson County)
  • Alderman Michael Shoemaker (D’Lo)

Republicans also welcomed Simpson County Coroner Terry Tutor, recently appointed to the position after the death of Democratic coroner. Tutor has announced his affiliation with the Republican Party.

On a policy matter, Republicans know it is the local government that impacts the lives of citizens every day.  These elected officials have been conservative and will continue to be conservative and now they belong to the more conservative party.  On a political matter, any good Party is built by the grassroots, local activists and local elected officials.

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2 Comments on “Mississippi Democrats Switch to GOP”

  1. There is a group in Mississippi that will defeat Incumbent Gene Pelosi Taylor. The most conservative District in the United States. We will be getting Gene Taylor out, because he is not a conservative. There is also a group out there http://www.firegenetaylor.com

    Gene Taylor has a NON Politician running against him. Gene Taylor to vote for Health Care bill if it has Prescription Drug and Generic changes or Anti Trust. I would assume if they lump the Multi-Perils crap in their also that he would support it, but he has not stated that as of yet.


    Gene Taylor:

    ” If I get a chance to take away the anti trust exemption I’m gonna do it.” He said this when asked what circumstances he would vote for National Health Care, Socialist Health Care etc.

    Check out him on YouTube below on this issue and many others such as taxes and Obama. He states that Obama just gave us a tax cut and also demonstrates ignorance on the Constitution as far as Article 1 Section 8. He says he does not believe there are Czars, nor did he know who Acorn was. Check it out, some conservative huh?

    http://www.ourcaucus.com http://www.icaucus.ning.com

    Gene Taylor’s opponent and successor is Joe Tegerdine http://www.Joetegerdine.com

  2. Conservative Says:

    Please check out this video on Joe Tegerdine, the man running against Gene Taylor in South Mississippi.

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