Luckett fumbles on unemployment

Bill Luckett’s campaign for governor continues bush-league mistakes. In an interview with Ole Miss student journalists he rightfully says, “Right now the biggest problem seems to be jobs.” Before you can tackle a problem, you have to have a realistic idea of that problem and Luckett’s campaign is never going to go anywhere as long as he continues to project his image of Clarksdale upon the rest of the state. Here is his latest fumble. It likely won’t get as much attention because it is policy oriented rather than flashy campaign missteps.

Luckett says, “”In Mississippi as a whole right now we’re running just at 11 percent unemployment.” No. Clarksdale is running right at 11.1 percent (or at least Coahoma County is), but Mississippi is at 9.8 percent. But really, whats a few thousand jobs between friends?

You can see how a Delta-centric view infects his campaign by his business partners’ oft-reported on remarks about Mississippians being “mule-headed farmers” – a reference to Delta politics that hasn’t been an aspect in statewide politics for decades, as well as his own accusation that independents and Republicans are somehow “racists” because of his personal experiences regarding racial issues in the Delta.

Haley Barbour was from the Delta, or at least the gateway to the Delta, Yazoo City. Ronnie Musgrove was from Batesville and Kirk Fordice was from Vicksburg. But they all had a statewide perspective in their campaigns and their policies. Luckett will never get out of Clarksdale if he doesn’t first get his thinking out of Clarksdale.

Also, wasn’t Luckett’s icon – Barack Obama – supposed to keep national unemployment below 8 percent with the stimulus? Yeah, that worked great.

(Hat-Tip to Y’all Politics for the video link.)

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