Another Switch to the GOP – Number 9

Mississippi Republicans welcomed the ninth Democratic elected official to switch parties to the GOP this year since the Innauguration of President Barack Obama. At a press conference featuring Governor Haley Barbour and Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, the GOP announced that five-term Neshoba County Chancery Clerk Larry McMillan has switched from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party.

Who’s next?

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One Comment on “Another Switch to the GOP – Number 9”

  1. Ron Russell Says:

    Its time to switch—the Democratic party is continuing to move farther and farther to the left and thos Mississippi Democratics that continue to stay with what is becoming a socialist party will find themselves in deep dodo soon. Came by your blog via a link at Nuke Gingrich. I’m down here in Brookhaven and have several conservative blogs. Linking to you on TOTUS. Visit me sometime.

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