Jamie Franks and Idiocy

Jamie Franks played his role as attack dog in the Sun Herald today speaking on the finer points of idiocy and offering stunning political analysis.

“Anybody who votes for Steven Palazzo, who is a back-bencher in the state Legislature who has absolutely zero accomplishments, is an idiot,” Franks said. “I served with Steven in the Legislature. I cannot believe that would even be a race, given Gene Taylor’s long list of accomplishments.”

It is clear much of South Mississippi will vote for Palazzo. To all you independents who do, remember that Jamie Franks thinks you’re an idiot. But don’t worry, this is the same Jamie Franks who could only muster 41% of the vote in his 2007 campaign for statewide office. I’m sure he goes to bed cursing the 58% of Mississippi voters as idiots every night.

Jamie Franks doesn’t even understand how Palazzo could make it a race against Gene Taylor, further showing that Franks is out of touch with Mississippi voters. Unless maybe Gene Taylor is an idiot, too. But I won’t get into that kind of analysis. I’ll leave that to Jamie Franks because if there is one thing he is an expert on, it is idiocy.

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2 Comments on “Jamie Franks and Idiocy”

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