#14 – Another Democrat Becomes Republican

The latest Democrat elected official (which if you’re keeping score is 14 since the innauguration of President Obama) is Central District Public Service Commissioner Lynn Posey. He switched today.  A longtime legislator, he was elected in 2007 to the PSC and will will run for reelection in 2011 on the GOP ticket.

Posey said, “It is an honor and a privilege to represent the people of the Central District, and I take my responsibility very seriously. However, the Democratic Party’s continued swing to the left has left me so out of sync with the party that I feel I must switch to the Republican Party whose philosophy is more in line with my own and the majority of the people of the Central District. I will continue to provide the type of service all of the people of the Central District deserve and ask for their continued prayers and support.”

As ususal, the Democrats like Jamie Franks lambasted (basically calling him a coward and a traitor) Posey as he walked out the door, which begs the question, who will the last Democrat yell at or blame when he walks out the door. In contrast, Jere Nash said Posey “took the honorable course with this party switch.”

Republicans are thankful everytime they hear the words “Democratic Chairman Jamie Franks” but Democrats might consider if they want an adult to run their party, someone like Jere Nash instead.

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