More Switchers: #15 #16 #17 elected Democrats become Republicans

State Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, state Representative Bobby Shows, and Simpson County Superintendent of Education Joe Welch all switched from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party this week. Seventeen elected Democratic officials have switched to the Mississippi Republican Party in the past two years. These switchers continue to provide proof of Sid Salter’s question of whether the Mississippi Democratic Party is going AWOL.

The invisibility of the Mississippi Democratic Party in the midterms was simply stunning. Meanwhile, Mississippi Republicans are operating a fully-functional, 24/7/365 effort in the state. State GOP chairman Brad White’s visibility and party-building work was constant during the midterms.

During a talk radio interview with state Sen. David Baria, D-Bay St. Louis last week, I asked Baria if we had reached the point in Mississippi that winning the Republican nomination in Mississippi was tantamount to winning the election.

On the air and on the record, Baria said: “We’re close to that. The Democratic Party is in trouble in Mississippi and we’ve got to get better organization and better leadership.”

There are other Democrats who are losing faith both in the philosophies of the party and in the organizational viability of the Mississippi party proper.

The fact is that Mississippi Democrats may well have lost ground over the first two years of Obama’s tenure.

But for incumbent Democrats facing the voters in 2011, the 2010 midterms and the general lack of organization and activity in the Mississippi Democratic Party have to make those candidates wonder if the party structure will be AWOL next fall?

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