Mule Headed Bloggers Against Bill Luckett

Morgan Freeman demonstrated disrespect and a lack of political understanding of Mississippi when he told the Associated Press he is supporting Luckett because: “Reform in Mississippi is hard because the base stock of this state is a mule-headed bunch of farmers.  Those farmers have ruled the roost for so long because this is an agricultural state.”Freeman sent a fundraising letter which said, “Holding on to the old politics of race, class and region has starved Mississippi for too long.” (Our post on that here.)

Now Charlie Mitchell writes the Luckett campaign is dimissing that insult by embracing it.

Bill Luckett, Delta lawyer and “binisman” (in Haley-speak) is handing out bumper stickers that read, “Mule-Headed Farmers For Bill.”

The slogan turns what was seen as a gaffe into a big plus, destined for the textbooks of campaignery.

There were gasps when super-Mississippian Morgan Freeman, who is supporting Luckett, his restaurant partner and friend, for the Democratic nomination for governor, told The Associated Press, “Reform in Mississippi is hard because the base stock of this state is a mule-headed bunch of farmers.”

But the bumper stickers make lemonade from lemons, and may be followed by a larger array: Mule-Headed Teachers for Bill, Mule-Headed waiters, welders, washerwomen.

Clever, but Mule Headed Bloggers are going to remember the comment was not made to be endearing but insulting. Ironically, Luckett has chosen the only animal worse than a donkey to represent him. As we mentioned in our earlier post, the Donkey Party is slowly dying in Mississippi. Now the person who wants to lead that party as their gubernatorial nominee, has chosen the infertile son of a donkey as his emblem.

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