5 More Democratic incumbents qualify as Republicans

In Hancock County, four incumbent Democratic elected officials have qualified to run for reelection as Republicans.

In an unprecedented move Tuesday, four incumbent elected officials in Hancock County switched political parties, and will now run as Republicans in the August primaries.

Incumbents Jimmy Ladner (tax assessor/collector), Karen Ruhr (circuit clerk), Tim Kellar (chancery clerk), and Superintendent of Education Alan Dedeaux all qualified as Republicans on Tuesday.

For decades, the Democratic party has dominated the political landscape in Hancock County.

Hancock County Republican Chairman Danny Johnson said Tuesday’s qualifications are a sign of the times.

“Times are changing in our country and Hancock County is no different,” Johnson said. “People want their government back. This is a sign that the people in Hancock County feel the same way.”

Dedeaux said he feels that it is the mood of the community.

“The national Democratic party is not in-line with my beliefs,” he said. “I’m a conservative person by nature, and I feel like the Republican party is more appealing at this time.”

Ladner, Kellar, and Ruhr said they agreed with Dedeaux’s assessment.

 And Majority in Mississippi reports that incumbent Democrat Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson has qualified for re-election as a Republican.

If you’re keeping count, that makes 22 elected Democratic officials to become Republicans since this time two years ago.

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2 Comments on “5 More Democratic incumbents qualify as Republicans”

  1. […] time in Hancock county. Four Democrats have qualified to run for re-election as Republicans (h/t: Right of Mississippi). They include incumbents Jimmy Ladner (tax assessor), Karen Ruhr (circuit clerk), Tim Kellar […]

  2. Jackie Washington Says:

    The news report of Democratics turning Republican only serves as additional proof to me, “money can buy a vote” For those types of Politicians can’t be for Mississippians! But are self-serving! How can they ever be trusted to make honest decisions when they have to wait to be told how to vote or what to think? Sad for Mississippi we aren’t producing real leadership

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