Who’s more of an embarrassment to the MS GOP, Ricky Dombrowski or Howie Morgan?

We almost did not post this but just because Ricky Dombrowski and Howie Morgan tried to screw with this blog we won’t cut them any slack so here goes.










What a total embarrassment to have these two clowns running for statewide office on the GOP ticket, Ricky Dombrowski, quite possibly the biggest clown ever to seek statewide office in Mississippi this century and his campaign manager Howie Morgan, the serial resume-inflating “political consultant” who is in trouble for selling endorsements is now in trouble for a DUI in which he threatened the job of a police officer with a bogus claim that he works for Governor Haley Barbour

From Oxfordcrimereport.com:

On February 3, 2011, Captain Libby Lytle was waiting on a driver to pick up a vehicle involved in a no driver’s license citation on the southbound side of Highway 6, parked on the Whirlpool side. While waiting, idly, she testified to seeing a black Mercedes traveling westbound well below the minimum 35 mile per hour speed limit, and thought it was driver looking for the person needing a ride.

Lytle said she knew something else was going on when the Mercedes came to a stop on the shoulder to the ramp exiting to Coliseum Drive, and a man later determined to be Harold Morgan, got out of the vehicle and began walking.

Lytle radioed for back-up to check out the suspect while she waited for a driver to arrive for the no license citation. Once she arrived on scene with Morgan she found a belligerent suspect who threatened to have her job because he worked for the governor. Research has revealed Morgan is currently the director of a Republic Political Action Committee for the election of Sam Smith in the 55th district of the Mississippi House of Representatives in Vicksburg.

Lytle testified that Morgan said he was not the driver of the vehicle, but then later said the transmission was out. DUI officer David Sabin arrived on scene, and continued questioning Morgan.

“It was obvious from the moment we met he was intoxicated,” Sabin said.

On the video played from Sabin’s dashboard camera showed Sabin giving a disheveled and unsteady Morgan a chance to admit he was in fact driving the Mercedes.

“How did you know the transmission if you weren’t driving?,” Sabin is heard asking on the video. “Unless your car has wings you drove it there.”

Morgan refused his opportunity to blow into the breathalyzer, and was arrested for DUI refusal, expired registration, and driving while license suspended based on a previous DUI conviction.

The judge found Morgan guilty of DUI and expired registration, but threw out the DWLS charge because the previous DUI charge is under appeal. Morgan paid twice the $1,086 fine to keep his license valid until the appeal is heard.

Will Ricky keep Howie on the payroll?  Should we even care? the jury is still out.


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