Lee Yancey counts his “Pennies”

As expected after his 2 opponents dropped their commercials in the last couple of days, Lee Yancey is out with his own ad entitled “Pennies” we would rank the spot somewhere between Lucien and Lynn for production quality and message.

From what we hear about this race on the ground it seems that Lucien still has the upper hand because he will have weight of message, Lynn has the best ads and Lee has the ground troops.  Now that the ad war has started we will officially rate this race as the “one to watch” on August 2nd because it is absolutely unclear who will prevail, we smell a runoff brewing and whatever 2 emerge will have a lot of work to do to get their voters back to the polls, and that’s where Lee may have the advantage having run a very grassroots focused campaign, if he can make the runoff.

How will it end up on August 2nd is anyone’s guess right now, there is no consensus among any of our contacts as to who may be leading or even who has the momentum, Lucien raised the most money and that is almost always a rock solid indicator but he has been out done in the ad department by both opponents although not by any huge margin that would swing the voters dramatically.

We are throwing our hands up in confusion and will be sitting back, popping some popcorn, and watching this race with extreme interest.

But for now we are going to sit back and enjoy the great efforts that all of these candidates have put forth in pursuit of this office so far the race has been classy, with the only real mistake being Lee Yancey’s horrible horrible signs.

So folks here it is, “Pennies” starring Mr. Lee Yancey

ROM Overall Grade: B


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One Comment on “Lee Yancey counts his “Pennies””

  1. I want to ask Says:

    I just don’t get the Lynn ads

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