Complaint against Jim Hood filed with Mississippi Bar Association

Here is an update on Jim Hood jeopardizing the prosecution of a case with reckless political campaigning.

A lawyer for a man charged with killing a Catholic priest has filed a complaint that says his client can’t get a fair trial because of a television ad aired by Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood’s successful re-election campaign.

The complaint, filed with the Mississippi Bar and obtained by The Associated Press, said the commercial tainted the prospective jury pool by referring to Jeremy Wayne Manieri as someone who “murdered a 70-year-old priest in cold blood.”

Manieri has been charged by police, but not indicted by a grand jury.

The complaint, dated Nov. 22 and signed by Manieri’s attorney, Brian Alexander of Bay St. Louis, says all people accused of crimes have the right to the presumption of innocence.

“This complaint is far larger than Jeremy Manieri or Jim Hood. With the long view in mind, this is about the countless people in Mr. Manieri’s position who are clinging to the notion that our system still adheres to vestiges of fairness and due process,” the complaint says. “That Mr. Hood did, in knowing and willful dereliction of his duties and ethical constraints prescribed by the Bar, the constitution and basic morality, harm my client’s cause for personal gain is irrefutable.”

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One Comment on “Complaint against Jim Hood filed with Mississippi Bar Association”

  1. William Terry Harpole Says:

    The man migt have been guilty, but it was very unwise or stupid, if mr. Hood did do this. A man in his position should know better.
    Unwise remarks like this will only result in not getting a conviction of the man if he is guilty.

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