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Eaves closer “Good Husband”

November 3, 2007

Looks like the Eaves camp brought Angel and the boys back for the closer ad.

No Rating, why bother.  Glad to see a normal looking ad out of that campaign again.

Hattip: Cottonmouth 

Angel Eaves Profile in the Clarion Ledger

October 30, 2007



Hometown: Jackson

Age: 30

Education: graduated from Forest Hill High School; attended Hinds Community College

Family: married to John Arthur Eaves Jr.; four sons

Hobbies/interests: writing, singing, classical music (including Mozart and Bach) and video games (Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man)

Angel Eaves: A survivor, she aspires to help, heal Mississippi

By Gary Pettus

She was 12 years old, lying on her back, her eyes hurting from the lights in the ambulance.

Moments earlier, she had been at a neighbor’s house, jumping on a trampoline, where she slipped and fell on her neck. Now, it felt like her legs were missing.

Inside the ambulance, she started to blink, until a voice, coming down between her and the lights, stopped her cold.

“Don’t close your eyes, sweetie,” the voice told her. “You might not wake up.”

Angel Ainsworth began to pray – her eyes wide open.

Rain is falling on a Wednesday morning, 13 days from the general election. The campaign bus is shooting north on I-55, its tires slinging mist and mud.

It’s the kind of day that can be bad on her neck.

When the weather turns cold, she can feel it sometimes, a loose piece of cartilage, or something, touching a nerve.

Angel Eaves – born Ainsworth – is on the bus with her husband, John Arthur Eaves Jr., the Democratic candidate for governor, who will comb north Mississippi for votes on this day.

They probably won’t see the children again until late that night – the kind of disruption in the family routine their four boys call “campaignful.”

Angel Eaves, who says she enjoys campaigning, still has to laugh – appreciating the pun and the truth wrapped inside it.

They are the underdogs.

The overdogs are popular Republican Gov. Haley Barbour and his wife, Marsha.

As expected, the two men in this race have attacked each others’ records. Not as expected, maybe, was a “campaignful” moment when Barbour made an issue of Angel Eaves.

“I got my trophy wife the first time,” he said at the Neshoba County Fair in July.

It was a reference, it seems, to another marriage and to Angel Eaves’ youth.

She is 30, about 11 years younger than her husband who, like Barbour, is an attorney and a millionaire.

She was married twice before – her first husband was also an Eaves, although not related to John. Brady, 11, is her son from that marriage. As for John Arthur Eaves Jr., he has three sons from his first marriage: John III, 13; Sterling, who turns 12 on Thursday; and Christian, 9.

The four boys live with them in their home in Madison, which features a room decorated with posters from favorite movies.

Angel Eaves’ is Gone With the Wind.

“I’m a Mississippi girl,” she said.

In a way, that’s one reason her second marriage ended.

“My husband was a wonderful man,” she said, “but we were more like business partners. We kept moving for his job; we were supposed to come back to Mississippi at one point, but he was transferred again. That wasn’t the life I wanted for my son.”

It was Brady, and all the boys, she was thinking about, she said, after Barbour’s comment.

“They were with us at the fair and heard about it,” she said. “I had to explain what it meant.

“The comment from the governor was true to his character. I was embarrassed for him. I don’t want anything to ever bother the children. As long as it’s not directed toward them, I’m fine.”

For her part, Angel Eaves refers to her and her husband’s previous marriages as “the circumstances we both have been through.”

“I believe God gave us a second chance,” she said.

John Arthur Eaves Jr.’s “second chance” is the daughter of Daryl and Kristie Ainsworth of Jackson, who named her Angela.


2007 Mississippi Democratic Ticket Ranked By Funniest Hair

October 10, 2007

Welcome to the 2007 Mississippi Statewide Democratic Funny Hair Showdown. 

#1.  The undisputed heavyweight champion of the Democratic Candidates Goofy Hair Showdown 2007 is your Democratic Nominee for Secretary of State, Rob Smith who honestly looks like he has a dead possum on top of his head.



#2.The guy who knows all too well how to sell state contracts for campaign contributions but apparently has trouble buying a comb, your Attorney General Jim Hood



#3.Democratic Nominee for State Auditor Mike Sumrall comes in third on the strength of his promise to not only serve as Mississippi’s next auditor, but also his committment to moonlight as Mississippi’s official Santa Claus every December. 


#4. Ricky Cole, looks like a slick haired mobster from New Jersey.  What in the world am I missing here?  I have never seen anybody that has anything to do with Agriculture slick their hair back like that.  gross, what is that 10w-30?


#5.  Little Jamie Franks: this picture and haircut seriously takes me back to those awkward moments in high school yearbook photo hell.  Franks does appear to have the most defined “part” of any 2007 candidate.


#6.  Junior Eaves, see folks when you crop Angel out of the picture he looks even funnier.  This mulletesque haircut says to me “I wanna be guvna up front, but I still want a little party in the back” this ‘do would be right at home blowing in the breeze through the T-Top of a 71 Camaro.


#7. Rumors are circulating that Gary Anderson’s campaign for Insurance Commissioner and his Super-Sweet Moustache have been fully endorsed by Tom Selleck, that could make the difference November 6th.


Pile on folks, I am sure yall can help me improve my captions. 

If you have a different ranking order please post a comment.

I live for this stuff -ROM

This commercial rated A (for Angel)

September 4, 2007

Thank you John Arthur Eaves Campaign!

Everyone here at ROM appreciates your FINALLY putting Angel in a TV ad.

If yall remember we have been begging for more Angel Eaves since this post on August 10th.

from Bio of Angel Eaves: Angel Eaves is the wife of Democratic candidate for governor John Eaves. In addition to her job as a full-time mother, Angel founded and is the current President of Eaves Advertising. Started in 1998, the full-service public relations firm specializes in legal marketing. She attends Pinelake Church with her husband John and their four boys. A Jackson native, Angel’s family has a deep and rich history in Mississippi that goes back as far as the state itself.

On to the General Election… First things first Angel Eaves

August 10, 2007

A lot has been made over at Y’all Politics about Governor Barbour’s “Trophy Wife” comment at Neshoba, I think it is flat out hilarious, some people dont.

The ROM group, which is growing and will soon include more guest bloggers are HUGE fans of Angel Eaves, she is hot, period, end of discussion. 

I hope we get to see more of Angel in the general election we got robbed when they left her out of the Primary TV ads.







We are sold, still voting for Barbour but sold none the less.