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Phony “Log Cabin Republican” Endorsement letter floating around in Mississippi

July 27, 2011

***UPDATE*** This letter is absolutely fake

This was just emailed in and it looks bogus.  I doubt the Log Cabin Republicans are getting involved in the Mississippi Republican Primaries. Smells like someone is up to some dirty tricks.  The letter is not mentioned on their website: LOG CABIN REPUBLICANS

And the signature and the name of the executive director do not match.

We don’t appreciate this kind of dirty, nasty, underhanded politics so we are here to call this out, that’s why blogging can be a force for good.  If this letter is in fact fake and if anyone else received this please let us know.


Dave Dennis comes out swinging

July 26, 2011

Dave Dennis ad against Phil Bryant “Two Words”

Will update with comment later but wanted to get this up.


Bad Tate, Bad, Bad Tate

June 25, 2011

This new ad from Billy Hewes has us totally entertained, I am not sure if you can even call it a negative ad when there is a chihuahua in it.  Anyway the production value looks really good and the message,  although Tate Reeves probably does not like it will probably be somewhat effective.

Regardless of our feelings about this race we love ads and we REALLY LOVE attack ads.

Positive ads are so boring most of the time.

Political silly season just started.

Overall ROM Ad Grade: B+

Quick, it’s an emergency, Ronnie needs a new fainting couch!

September 29, 2008



A couple More Anti-Childers Ads

May 6, 2008


Freedom’s Watch


Travis Childers Caught In a Bold Faced Lie Over Obama Endorsement

April 29, 2008

Channel 3 WREG Busts Travis Childers for Lying about the Obama Endorsement

You watch the video, you look at the evidence, you look at Childers body language. Travis Childers is a Liar. The Obama Endorsement letter has been posted on just about every well read political blog in Mississippi and we have a screen capture here.

Does anyone really think that the campaign manager has not been on the internet in a week, nor did they bother to check to see if there were any facts associated with an attack ad that is running against them.

Notice Childers does not reject the endorsement.

Notice how he fidgets when he has to answer questions about it.

This is a really dumb move, the Davis campaign won this one boys, take your lumps and try to change the subject, we know when someone is lying and yall are full of it. Anyone think we can trust Travis Childers or his campaign manager anymore?

Endorsement: 2 a: to approve openly <endorse an idea>; especially : to express support or approval of publicly and definitely <endorse a candidate>

I would say an open letter and public campaigning qualifies.

Pathetic that the man who wants to represent honest hard working Mississippian’s can smile and lie right to their faces.


Travis Childers Failed To Pay His Taxes!

April 18, 2008

The Greg Davis Campaign is up swinging with this “contrast” ad split half on Travis Childers failure to pay his taxes on time over 130 times and half on why Greg Davis is the better choice.  We always like this tactic because ending on a positive note is nice. It’s like smiling to the crowd after you just broke the other guys nose.

Best ad of MS-01 so far in our opinion, maybe not the hardest hitting but quite possibly the most effective. Gives reasons why Childers is bad and reasons to vote for Davis. That might be the winning combination for the April 22nd Special.

Overall Grade: A-


Can I vote for Karlie Smith???

November 2, 2007

Here is a TV ad (if you want to call it that) from ROM’s least favorite candidate of 2007, Rob Smith.

I only post this because we think Karlie Smith’s legs  (we think that is Karlie assuming a left to right order in his newspaper ad) really deserve to be on TV more than I am sure the Smith Campaign can afford to keep them there.

The really sad part is this ad appears to be an attempt to spin off from his opponent Delbert Hosemann’s ads although I still don’t understand what it means at all.  Will someone please explain the point of this ad?  Are they insinuating that that the old lady from Hosemann’s ad is really Smith’s mother???  And what exactly are the 2 girls doing in the background?  looks to me like they are pretending to hang a sign that is already hung….

Well regardless ROM has a new Democratic girl crush, Angel Eaves is old news now that Karlie Smith is on the scene.  Although I am sorry that her foray into the political spotlight had to be this ugly TV spot.

Did they record this on Betamax??  I mean seriously, this is bad…

I would bet that this ad is quite a bit too little, and a whole lot too late.

ROM Overall Grade: D+ (the (+) is for what we think MIGHT be an attempt at a humorous attack that didn’t come through, and for Karlie & Tara, they seem nice)

P.S. Because we think Rob Smith could possibly be the scariest candidate for office in 2007 we felt obligated to include this nice letter to the editor in today’s Clarion Ledger about Mr. Rob Smith from one of his former constituents:

November 2, 2007

Rob Smith too rude for secretary of state office

Secretary of state candidate Rob Smith was the representative for four years and then the senator for 20 years in our district.

On several issues I tried to voice my concerns to Smith only to be rudely silenced by heavy sighs and/or snide remarks. At one point Mr. Smith told me that I was not smart enough or well enough informed to make decisions for Mississippi. I was to leave that to him. He went on to say that if I had as much education as he did that maybe I could make some decisions. I am not sure how such an ill-mannered person would fit in such an important post.

Robert Smith is the most arrogant, self-serving elected official I have ever had the misfortune of meeting. I, for one, do not want a career politician who served for 24 years and can only point to things he supported, not things he accomplished in his tenure.

Alice Stevens



Phil Bryant Says Jamie Franks Likes Crack Dealers

October 26, 2007

Hmm… I am betting that Phil Bryant just lost the Crack Dealer vote.

Definitely Phil’s best attack ad thus far

ROM Overall Grade B+

Cotton Mouth: Jamie Franks on Phil Bryant’s Real Record

October 12, 2007

Thanks to the fellas at Cottonmouth for this one, not a bad little attack ad, not as pretty as some.  I came away from it thinking about the grocery tax and education so I suppose that is the central theme.


I just went back and read Cottonmouth, I have a TON of respect for those guys but the claim that no right wing group has even been able to prove that people have lost family farms over the estate tax is just silly.  Growing up on a farm in the late 70’s and early 80’s I used to go to farm and tax sales with my father at least once a month.  If you hit a couple dry years and then Grandpa passes, the kids get slapped with an enormous tax bill and are forced to pay dearly out of personal funds to the government to keep the land, sell some of it to pay the taxes, or just sell it all and be done with it.  I have seen it with my own two eyes dozens of times in my life, I don’t need some Right Wing group to prove it to me.

 Sorry Fellas, I’m still giving you your Hat-Tip, just had to vent for a second.

Cotton Mouth: Jamie Franks on Phil Bryant’s Real Record

 ROM Overall Grade: C- (for sloppy production)