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Stu Rothenberg column on Gregg Harper

July 9, 2008

This column is old but I though it was very good, We are big fan’s of Rothenburg and find him to be a pretty fair political columnist.  -ROM

Good Candidates for House Come in All Shapes and Sizes

June 19, 2008 – By Stuart Rothenberg
Editor of The Rothenberg Political Report and
contributing writer to Roll Call Magazine

Every election cycle, I meet a lot of candidates running for the U.S. House of Representatives. Some, in fact many, have more liabilities than assets. But some actually impress me. This column is about four of them, and I’d advise keeping an eye on each at least until November.

Gregg Harper (R), Mississippi’s 3rd district. An attorney and former Rankin County Republican chairman, Harper, 52, did what many candidates promise to do but, in fact, don’t. He put together a successful grass-roots campaign.

With one of his primary opponents flush with money and the other a well-known state Senator who had the governor’s media consultant at his disposal, Harper was the long-shot Republican hopeful with little cash and no district-wide recognition.

But his years toiling in Republican political vineyards — whether working in phone banks for a Mississippi GOP candidate in 1978, serving as a Republican observer of the Florida recount in 2000 or working as a legal volunteer for President Bush’s campaign in Ohio in 2004 — paid off.

Harper is straightforward, astute and earnest. It’s clear that he is an extremely hard worker, and that people who meet him are willing to go to work to help him. That’s a very good sign.

In a rarity these days, Harper refused to use negative information about one of his opponents. But don’t think Gregg Harper is politically naive. He isn’t. And he will win the open seat in November.

Rothenberg is the very respected editor and publisher of The Rothenberg Political Report, a non-partisan political newsletter covering U.S. House, Senate and gubernatorial campaigns, Presidential politics and political developments. He is also a twice-a-week columnist for Roll Call, Capitol Hill’s premier newspaper.

Call him Congressman Harper!

April 2, 2008

Congrats to Gregg Harper and team, although I voted for Charlie Ross I was up front about it and now I look forward to working/blogging for the cause.  At ROM world HQ last night we lifted our glasses to working hard and taking advantage of the situations that life puts you in.  A big credit to the Harper team was taking advantage of the breaks they were given and capitalizing on them in a BIG way.  After all the Lord helps those that help themselves.



I like the kinder and gentler Charlie Ross.

February 20, 2008

Charlie Ross has done a lot of work to re-invent his image for this campaign, last year he was tough and this year he is a little softer. Nothing wrong with that it’s a simple branding strategy.

ROM Overall Grade = B


John Rounsaville on the Air

February 19, 2008

John Rounsaville is up in CD-03, I think it was a smart move to have his father deliver the message, John looks too young to really carry the message effectively is my guess.  Pretty good spot overall though, looks a little like what John Windsor tried to do back in the 07 primary which was stay off screen if you look 16.

ROM Overall Grade = B 

Charlie Ross Continues to rack up endorsements in CD-03

February 14, 2008


On Wednesday, the Mississippi Hospitality and Restaurant Association formally endorsed Charlie Ross for his Third Congressional District campaign.

“Small businesses are the cornerstone of our Mississippi economy. The Hospitality and Restaurant Association works on a daily basis to help local businesses. While in the state legislature, I stood up for our small businesses and when I get to Washington, I will continue the fight,” Ross said. “I am very excited that the Hospitality and Restaurant Association has decided to endorse me for the Third Congressional District. Once again, this shows that pro-business, pro-jobs organizations know that I will be an effective pro-business, pro-jobs Congressman that gets things done. I am very grateful for this group’s support.”

The mission of the Mississippi Hospitality and Restaurant Association is to unify, foster, promote, and protect the hospitality and food service industries. Currently, the association has 2,100 members.

Endorsements usually don’t mean much to me but we have quite a trend here, Club for Growth, Home Builders, Associated Builders and Contractors, I will assume that NRA is coming since they endorsed him in the primary for Lt. Gov.  His new ad is below.

I think this race has been Charlie’s to lose from the jump despite months of TV ads from Landrum that were pretty decent.  I still think that CR has the momentum and although this is no endorsement I personally feel that he would be a fine congressman.


Because Cash on Hand is King!

February 5, 2008

Updated COH numbers for MS-03 

1. David Landrum:  $244,361

2. John Rounsaville: $129,345

3. Charlie Ross: $100,684

4. Gregg Harper:  $96,611

This Race will come down to the wire.  We still like Ross at this point, but have very few problems with Landrum or Rounsaville.


Club For Growth Endorses Charlie Ross for Congress

January 7, 2008

The Club for Growth political action committee on Friday endorsed state Sen. Charlie Ross (R), who is running for the open 3rd district seat.

Roll Call

CD-3 Who We Like Right Now

August 21, 2007

*Updated 10/1/2007* We like David Landrum and Charlie Ross right now. 

Speculation is our forte here at ROM but we are getting ancy for some CD-3 candidates to start making some noise. ROM’mers are still somewhat looking

Candidates we like right now are Charlie Ross & David Landrum.

This seat like every other GOP seat in America is not a GOP slam dunk in 2008, it is vital that we examine our choices more carefully than ever.