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John Rounsaville on the Air

February 19, 2008

John Rounsaville is up in CD-03, I think it was a smart move to have his father deliver the message, John looks too young to really carry the message effectively is my guess.  Pretty good spot overall though, looks a little like what John Windsor tried to do back in the 07 primary which was stay off screen if you look 16.

ROM Overall Grade = B 

Because Cash on Hand is King!

February 5, 2008

Updated COH numbers for MS-03 

1. David Landrum:  $244,361

2. John Rounsaville: $129,345

3. Charlie Ross: $100,684

4. Gregg Harper:  $96,611

This Race will come down to the wire.  We still like Ross at this point, but have very few problems with Landrum or Rounsaville.


CD-3 Who We Like Right Now

August 21, 2007

*Updated 10/1/2007* We like David Landrum and Charlie Ross right now. 

Speculation is our forte here at ROM but we are getting ancy for some CD-3 candidates to start making some noise. ROM’mers are still somewhat looking

Candidates we like right now are Charlie Ross & David Landrum.

This seat like every other GOP seat in America is not a GOP slam dunk in 2008, it is vital that we examine our choices more carefully than ever.