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It’s Delbert?

July 27, 2011

In what appears to be the final installment of the wildly popular Delbert Hosemann for Secretary of State ad campaign the Dorthy finally get’s Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann’s name right, and the crowd goes wild.

Actually Hosemann looks surprised and he plays his part well.

We were surprised

The whole series of ads have been great and memorable

A+ for bringing the series to a close in style


Johnny DuPree “Color” and “For Our Children”

July 26, 2011

The DuPree campaign for Governor is up with a couple :15 spots running as bookends.

Never been a huge fan of that strategy (it seems like :30 is usually rushing it) but the ads are pretty good.


“For Our Children”


Max Phillips “Supper”

July 26, 2011

Max Phillips has released his second ad of the year in pursuit of the Republican nomination for Commissioner of Agriculture.

It’s cute


Billy Hewes “Testing”

July 26, 2011

Billy Hewes for Lt. Governor, new ad “Testing”


Tate Reeves tosses up “Basketball”

July 26, 2011

New Ad from the Tate Reeves camp.



Dave Dennis comes out swinging

July 26, 2011

Dave Dennis ad against Phil Bryant “Two Words”

Will update with comment later but wanted to get this up.


Lucien Smith releases second ad

July 25, 2011

Lucien comes out with a slightly better than last time but probably not that effective because we did not hear from the candidate second effort.

This untitled spot uses a mix of still photos and b-roll using a narrator to make the case that Lucien is the best candidate for Treasurer.

We are not sure that we don’t agree that Lucien may in fact be the best choice and he did a dang good job raising money we just fear that his production work has been so poor that it may hurt his chances to actually win this race.

Could we be seeing a tragic story of a campaign that does not end up where it should simply because of ad quality?

We will know in 8 days.



Will Longwitz shakes up District 25 Primary with TV Spot

July 21, 2011

Will Longwitz is mounting a serious outsider campaign for the Senate District 25 nomination against Charles Barbour and he is up on the air with this new spot entitled “Better Way”

Longwitz and Barbour are locked in what looks to be one of the most competitive legislative primaries of the year and it appears that Longwitz absolutely has the late momentum on his side, this ad obviously runs circles around Charles’ choppy radio spots that were posted yesterday.

Once again, Charles is a Barbour and he has some of the smartest politicos in the entire country helping him so even if he is a somewhat lackluster candidate we expect the campaign to be absolutely top notch in the last 2 weeks.

Buckle up kids this one is going to be a barn burner.

As for the Longwitz ad, good script and good visuals, a top notch effort for a low budget legislative race.


Lee Yancey counts his “Pennies”

July 14, 2011

As expected after his 2 opponents dropped their commercials in the last couple of days, Lee Yancey is out with his own ad entitled “Pennies” we would rank the spot somewhere between Lucien and Lynn for production quality and message.

From what we hear about this race on the ground it seems that Lucien still has the upper hand because he will have weight of message, Lynn has the best ads and Lee has the ground troops.  Now that the ad war has started we will officially rate this race as the “one to watch” on August 2nd because it is absolutely unclear who will prevail, we smell a runoff brewing and whatever 2 emerge will have a lot of work to do to get their voters back to the polls, and that’s where Lee may have the advantage having run a very grassroots focused campaign, if he can make the runoff.

How will it end up on August 2nd is anyone’s guess right now, there is no consensus among any of our contacts as to who may be leading or even who has the momentum, Lucien raised the most money and that is almost always a rock solid indicator but he has been out done in the ad department by both opponents although not by any huge margin that would swing the voters dramatically.

We are throwing our hands up in confusion and will be sitting back, popping some popcorn, and watching this race with extreme interest.

But for now we are going to sit back and enjoy the great efforts that all of these candidates have put forth in pursuit of this office so far the race has been classy, with the only real mistake being Lee Yancey’s horrible horrible signs.

So folks here it is, “Pennies” starring Mr. Lee Yancey

ROM Overall Grade: B


Johnny Dupree up on the air and we like it

July 12, 2011

A pretty good spot up from Johnny Dupree for Governor, good camera work and a strong message, probably not going to win many points with the readers of this blog but we like ads and this one is pretty good.